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Thread: Flat saddle options

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    I wrote some really good stuff and the site didn't like my security token so it went poof again I'll have to get back to you on that.

    ... bottom line was CV carburetors are basically obsolete pollution control devices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrialsRider View Post
    ... bottom line was CV carburetors are basically obsolete pollution control devices.
    Could not agree more. I thought 2 CV carbs was a headache, my new bike will have 4 of them LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrialsRider View Post
    I wrote some really good stuff and the site didn't like my security token so it went poof again I'll have to get back to you on that.

    ... bottom line was CV carburetors are basically obsolete pollution control devices.
    You’re just too cheap to buy an ultrasonic bath. Point taken, but for a carburetor they are a pretty efficient way to meter fuel and air. I get why folks toss them and go for something else, but they will work well if get them clean and set. Clean is usually the straw that breaks the camels back. When you look at a #80 drill bit, it puts the job into perspective.

    And yes this site is getting funky again. For me, it also seems like the movie Groundhog Day unless I sign in.
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    CV carbs work well in the systems they are designed for. Hack away all the components that are supposed to be there, the carbs still work right it's the rest of the system that's fucked. Clean and sync the carbs, put on exhaust and a breather that give them what they need and the carbs will do what they are supposed too. You said the PO didn't adjust the floats, you must. What else isn't right?

    Changing carbs is not going to be an instant fix. Go to Honda Twins, get a Factory service manual, pull the carbs. Follow the manual step by step so you know the carbs are properly assembled. Read the "Pod thread for Geeto" see if your pods cause any of the related problems. Read some of the dozens of posts on Honda Twins regarding putting pods on cb350's, before you start throwing more money at this thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyorg View Post
    You’re just too cheap to buy an ultrasonic bath...
    True that, the one I have was free

    CV carbs are the zenith of carburetor design and complexity, absolutely they are as efficient as carburetors will ever be.
    and I am so glad they are gone because they totally sucked.

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    You could send me the stock carbs and I'll modify them to work with K&N or Uni filters. Ultrasonic isn't the best thing since sliced bread, more a last resort in my opinion (after buying one and using it a while) The problem isn't really CV carbs but the fact they were designed for a very specific set up. The Kei-Hin 3 jet are very easy to screw up particularly at transition from primary main when secondary starts adding more fuel (somewhere around 4.5k rpm)
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    FYI - using a modern lithium battery with an old school regulator can lead to much smoke when the battery sees too much voltage, plates it's own insides until it short circuits, and then melts down before your eyes.

    Been there, done that. IMHO if you're going to use a lithium battery you need a modern regulator and a voltage meter on the bike. Trust me, you do not want that thing going all China Syndrome under your seat.

    The battery you're using has no built in management system as far as I know. Zero protection from over and under voltage, both of which are bad for a lithium battery. The blue battery above had a battery management system but the mighty Ducati electrical system on my 851 went nuts and overpowered it anyway. (Earth-X has since upped the voltage protection on their batteries) The 851 is now running a Shindigen(sp) regulator and a volt meter along with a replacement lithium battery. It also has a replacement ECU, headlight bulb, fuel pump relay, and probably a couple other things I've forgotten that mysteriously went bad after the over-voltage incident.

    From Antigravity's sie:
    ...On the other hand, if there was an issue with the installation or the maintenance of the battery or vehicle, such as allowing
    the battery to Over‐Discharge below 10 Volts, a faulty Voltage Regulator leading to over‐charge, an incorrect charger was
    used, if it was installed in a way that could lead to short‐circuiting, or other potential issues beyond our control, then that is
    an issue we cannot be held responsible for. <snip>

    ...Below are the common causes of damage to your Antigravity Battery. Please make sure to note them. These conditions/situations
    WILL damage your battery or in extreme cases and conditions there could be a potential for Fire or Explosion!
    Over‐Charge due to faulty Voltage Regulator‐ This usually happens on older Harleys, or Older 60s‐80s bikes due to defective Voltage
    Regulators… The Voltage Regulator is old and then goes bad creating a large spike in voltage charging the Lithium Battery. The tell‐
    tale sign of this is a “puffed” battery … the battery become physically distorted and ballooned by overcharging. In worst case
    scenarios the battery can be over‐charged to a point that causes a meltdown (thermal runaway) of the battery and potential for fire.
    So please make sure your electrical system is operating correctly and not over‐charging at any time over 14.4volts. Often time After‐
    Market charging systems are not regulated as a stock system is, be aware of this if you use and aftermarket charging system.

    Damage from “short-circuiting” of the battery
    Damage occurring from faulty Voltage Regulators (overcharging of battery by vehicle)
    Custom installation using aftermarket or performance electrical parts such as Stators, Regulators
    Using a Battery Tender or similar Lead/Acid type Maintainer product on the Antigravity Lithium-Ion Battery (do not use Lead/Acid type trickle chargers)
    Use of Chargers NOT intended specifically for Lifepo4 Lithium Batteries with a maximum charge voltage not over 14.4v
    Over-Charging/Over-Discharging due to a defect with vehicle’s voltage regulator or defective or non-complaint charging system on the vehicle
    Over Charging battery above 14.6v
    Over Discharge of battery below 9.8v
    Allowing voltage to drop below 9.8v by lack of maintenance
    Under 10 volts can kill the battery. Over 15 volts can kill the battery. A standard battery charger can kill the battery. Did you get a correct style charger with the bike/battery?

    Modern lithium batteries are not a good choice for older bikes with unmodified regulators.
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