Going modern?

Going modern?

This is a discussion on Going modern? within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; I know a lot of you own modern bikes as well as vintage/ classic rides. There is also the contingent of riders who use vintage ...

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Thread: Going modern?

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    Going modern?

    I know a lot of you own modern bikes as well as vintage/ classic rides. There is also the contingent of riders who use vintage bikes as their everyday transpo. Of the later group I have heard a lot of folks bringing up wanting a modern (or more modern) motorcycle... if only for reliabilty. Geeto's Ducati lust, TT and his Triumph fixation, JenD's SV, the list goes on. Hell, thats the whole reason I wanted the G/S, dead reliable and repairable IF it is set-up correctly to begin with! (thats a whole 'nother problem, my affinity for great bikes treated badly w/ prices that reflect "what a deal")

    I love my old bikes but when it is your ONLY form of transport and things go south it's a beotch!

    So, if you were to get something a bit more modern and reliable what would it be? Why?


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    BMW from the 70-80's. Dead nuts reliable, comfortable and smooth.


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    I have a 05 600rr. Not the most comfortable but fun to ride and I know that it will start every time. I hear good things about the Honda 919. If I were to switch it would be to a Suzuki 2008 DR-Z400SM.... http://www.suzukicycles.com/Products...8/Default.aspx

    It just looks cool and I bet it is a blast to ride.

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    My list of modern iron I lust for (in the order in which I can think up witty stuff to write):

    Ducati Sport 1000 - as if butter wouldn't melt....

    Triumph Thruxton - when the ducati just seems like too much long green

    Honda VFR800 - This years model with the red white and blue throwback paint and matching hardbags. (any used vfr will do too)

    honda cbr600f4i - the commuter's crotch rocket, if I just wasn't too big for it...

    zx10R - when you absolutley, positivly, need a motorcycle killing machine

    2003 z1000 - In orange, gotta be orange with the stock 4-pipes out back

    trumpet speed triple - when you don't quite think hooligan behavior is overrated.

    duc monstah s2r - When you absolutley, positivley need to blend in in brooklyn

    ninja 650R - rented this one in vegas and I have to say I like it better than the SV. Besides red frames are hawt!. too bad I am too big fer it

    suzuki GS500E - This is a roach motorcycle. There is one on my block I pass everyday selling for $900 (a 1994 I think) and I could just see riding this piece until the wheels fall off then chucking it a ditch and setting it on fire. I don't want this bike so much as I want to destroy it!!!

    any zx7 ninja - the gsxr is the last 750 sportbike because kawasaki got tired of kicking its ass. Love the idea of 750cc sport bikes but I don't want the lombotomy that comes with owning a gsxr. made them up to 2003 I think, and they just look soooooooo coooool. espically the ones that come with the white areas on the tail where you can paint your race number....

    ...and I'm spent.

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    My brother had a gb500. What a blast those things are! Sold it a couple yrs ago (at a profit, no less) to remodel his bathroom. We don't speak anymore.

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    i've been looking at the new KTM Super Duke. i think its a good looking bike, with a style all its own.

    '72 cb750
    '76 cb550

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    As I've said in another post, my '97 Suzuki Bandit 1200 does a great all around job, and it's stone reliable, and I can do the valve adjustments 'cause it's just got regular 'ol tappet adjusters.
    The VFR750 is a great all arounder too, but a little more complex when you have to work on 'em. (I hate spending a half hour removing and remounting fairings, and trying to find a safe place to put them while I'm working on the bike.)
    There must be tons of mid to late '90s jap bikes that would do the job for not much money.


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    ktm superduc is styling all its own like an AMC pacer has styling all its own.
    Its a matter of opinion but my eye of style see its choppy lines and stuck on angles to me look like styling just to look modern and edgey.And it doesnt look modern or edgey .They missed the mark.
    Didnt want to rain on your dream ,but the styling of that bike needs to be redrawn.
    But I do hope if you like it you get it and enjoy it .Im just speaking of the styling.

    Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.

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    sport duc or monster number one ,number two a striped down BMW,like a r1200s

    I would go for the old school triumph but the parts seem low quality.
    and the above brands have quality over all.

    Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.

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