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    hello all,

    let me tell you of all the motorcycles and good times that suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke......

    yesterday was a little bit of a trip for me and casey (wife). we were planning on what to do for a wedding gift for a very good friend this weekend. we needed to pay them back for one of their gag gifts at our wedding last year. we decided on a number of things, one was giving them a bunch of useless foriegn currency that i had collected over the years. indonesian satu sen, brasilian cruzeiros, nigerian naira, kenyan shillings, finnish markkaas, spanish pesetas, mexican peso, canadian dollar (no offense intended), columbian pesos, indian rupees, and greek (i have no idea what it is called). these were of all denominations, but converted, equalled $23.84 US dollars. that is until we got to the argentinian pesos.........

    argentinian pesos traded at $0.31/US dollars on 10/1/07. well i had (2) 10000 peso bills, (3) 1000 peso bills, and (1) $500 peso bill, $23,500 pesos!!!!!!!!!!

    in other words, i just found out that i had almost $7500.00 US Dollars sitting in a shoebox.

    until i got to bank of america where the branch manager informed me that those bills were recalled in 2004 and are now worthless mementos. the peso wasn't devalued, just replaced. the same smiling dudes are pictured on the new peso bills, but they only go as high as $100 pesos. i don't smile back.

    well our weekend plans suddenly changed. instead of a trip up north to the track after the wedding, potentially buying a cl350 from a buddy for $600, and maybe a night spent somewhere on the cape at a b&b, i guess we'll go rent movies and order some chinese takeout. we'll pay for it with some of the yen that i have in the box!

    cheers to all,


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    interesting. I have a collection of currency also . . . . I'll have to look into the peso thing.

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    I am screwed, last time I was in Argentina was 1994. I have some Paraguayan Guaranies in a shoe box somewhere in my house. The current rate is 5,050.00 Guaranies to the American Dollar! It is a bitch carring all that change around!

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    Pesos, we don't take no stinkin pesos.

    Bummer dude.

    Flash back to Poland; Never chew and screw in a foreign country with all of that currency in your pockets, not good for a high speed get away or money retention.


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