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    Now you're harshing on K-cars?

    I had one in college. Still lived with the folks and commuted to school, put 50,000 miles on that car in two years. It was fine because I had enough tunes in it to drown out the rattles.

    The best ever with that car was one day I got lost in Des Moines. Pulled into a gas station for directions, there were two old boys standing by the door drinking coffee, shooting the shit. While I'm asking the clerk were I was I hear them in the background talking about my car. I'd gotten orange Works Replica stickers at the bike shop and put them on under all the Reliant emblems. So I had a "Works Replica Reliant". So I hear "Bob, that's one of them kit cars". And Bob's like, "Yea, can't even tell it's not a real one. How fast you suppose it'll go". Had to duck out a side door was laughing so hard.

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    in the' so ugly they are cool department'.Bugeye/frog eye sprites,any renault alpine,buick riviera's,alot of 60's fiat any abarth,chargers(although they are BIG),original mini's,checker taxicabs,60s fastback mustangs,aluminum body short wheel base bread trucks,volkswagon 50s and 60s single cab trucks.cb hondas with the black and chrome side tanks,early suzuki hornets ,saab sonetts and early saab wagons and passenger cars,Datsun 510,daimler 250 ,lancia stratos,that chick from dirty dancing before she fixed her nose,bi-planes,early alfa sports cars, and gt's,geodesic homes,eon flux well anything but a gremlin!

    Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.

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    saab wags and sonnets (both IIs and IIIs) were very cool. also ugly monzas actually had a successful racing career in the late 70s. saw them win the trans-am race at limerock in 77. (beating turbo 911s no less). so the amx. that's credebility. gremlins were just dumb. problem is the more railing and harshing goes on, the closer they get to being more than the mistake by the lake that they were. even k-cars were cool cause they were true to there intent. gremlins were sold as cute/sexy cars. ginger was sexy. marianne (i liked her best) was cute and sexy. mrs. howl...well you do the math.

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