ok kinda random lol

ok kinda random lol

This is a discussion on ok kinda random lol within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; lol alright this is kind of off of the wall, but does any body know where i could find an amc gremlin at? lol kind ...

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    ok kinda random lol

    lol alright this is kind of off of the wall, but does any body know where i could find an amc gremlin at? lol kind of looking for a 72 or 73 but i guess i am not to overly picky on the year, and perferably around the minnesota, north dakota, south dakota, wisconsin area?

    the lil guy

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    Columbus, god blessed Ohio, USA.

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    NO! No way NO HOW...would I ever help some one find one.A gremlin is a good name because it belongs in the ground, not on it.You should get a pacer,or a valiant,maybe an allante or K car as well so they wouldnt get stolen or looked at or even recognized as transportation.
    How anyone can be atracted to the purposeful sharp well defined lines of a cafe styled bike.....and be looking for a slip of the pen,marketing guys souless design of that era among a few others.

    I dont car if you envision it as a wet sub,a dragster shell or a chicken coup in your yard, or even to saw it in half, as a school play prop!It needs to rest and not be seen in public ever EVER again.
    E V E R !

    That aside ....No, I dont know of one .....

    Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.

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    , , .
    you know the "gremlin" might just be the ultimate chick magnet thing. i showed up to the first date with my now wife and got ton's of cred. for my caprice classic station wag. seems she was well aware of the correllation of more muscle bound cars with guys who needed to compensate for some inadaquicies. ("boy you have balls to show up for our first date driving that awful car"). you might just lol to the bank with a gremlin. just a thought.

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    oh come on, they are fricken awsome cars, lol id have to say alot cooler than the pacer, duno have alwayse wanted one and never have realy done ne thing about it, then latley i have been looking for a new project car, and yeah they look sweet, they are different, and no matter where u go ppl will know what it is. lol guess i just like things that arnt main streem cookie cutter cars. and these cars are kind of hard to come by around my neck of the woods too been looking off and on for a while, found a few, that were way beond saving but thats about it

    the lil guy

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    Here you go http://tinyurl.com/2ootlv

    Rochester, NY
    74 CB450
    73 Triumph Bonnie 750
    80 KZ1000 drag/street

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    had a buddy with a 383 chrysler powered gremmie AMX (and yes it was a swap, the original motor was a 304 amc). That thing hauled, we used to call it the sucker punch because 5.0 mustangs never knew what hit them.

    we should have called her the slut, because she was ugly, smelled funny and all our friends got at least one free ride.

    ahhhhh the halcyon days of the early 1990s.......

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    Oneonta, NY, USA.
    My GRANDMOTHER had a Gremlin in the early 70's. It was the cheapest new car she could buy, and boy was it a piece of crap. I guess we were an AMC family--my dad had a 69 Rambler that he later traded for a AMC Hornet Sport, auto, 6 cly, 2door with a racing strip. We loved it. My younger brother killed it. Earlier dad had Kaisers and a Henry J--the forerunner of AMC.

    I'll be surprized if you can find an unrusted one.

    By the way, my first car was a Studebaker Lark, 1960, driven in the fields when I was 15. I just saw one out for sale in front of a guys house this morning and thought, for about a millisecond, that it would be cool to have.

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    Galena, AK, USA.
    GremlinX with the v-8. I always thought they were so ugly they were cool.

    AHRMA 412
    Vintage racing - old guys on old bikes

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    austin, tx, Zambia.
    so bad it's good

    ...connoisseur of slack...

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