What would you do with it?

What would you do with it?

This is a discussion on What would you do with it? within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; I posted pics of this a long time ago, and I haven't really done anythig with it since, I've been too focused on my other ...

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    What would you do with it?

    I posted pics of this a long time ago, and I haven't really done anythig with it since, I've been too focused on my other bike.

    This here is the first bike I ever sat on. It's a '72. My dad gave rides on it when I was tiny little guy. He sold it, it changed hands a few times, I found it and bought it back for what my dad paid in '73. $300.00 CDN.

    The front forks are shot, bent beyond repair... and I can't find a decent set anywhere.

    The carbs were shot, so I replaced with them a later set that i rebuilt out of about 8 junker carbs.

    The tank in the pic was rusted to shit, so I found another at the junkyard, pristine inside, ugly out, so I spray bombed it and dropped it on.

    I'm torn.

    Part of me really wants to restore it back to what it was when my dad bought it in '73... the rest of me wants to turn it into a little road racer.

    I have a rebuilt set of CB750 forks, some new tapered bearings. A Supertrapp muffler...

    if it was yours, same story, what would you do with it?

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    You paid $300 for that one. That one has memories that are worth more than $300. Find another beat up honda and make that into a racer. Beat up old hondas are a dime a dozen. That one's special.


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    You know....I'd restore that baby. So many 350 have been chopped up...it's rare now to see one restored...people just don't consider them unusual enough. Tons of NOS parts out there too.

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    I second what craig says, if you can do it, return it to the way your old man had it. If your dad is still around, bring him in on it, you know, a father and son project. I think you'd really regret cutting and chopping it into a Cafe' bike.
    The nice thing about bringing a bike back to stock is you can take your time doing it. Something is always coming up on eBay cheap and with all the caf's being built I'm sure there must be a lot of stock stuff out there. It's yours to do with as you want, but for me I'd restore it and keep the memories.
    My 2 cents.
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    i still say it'd be more fun to make an already special bike that much more meaningful. i wish my racer had that story behind it, i mean how cool would it be to be out kicking butt on my dad's old bike. i still like that mine was my wife's begginer bike, and was a near perfect, superclean bike to begin with. it just makes my racer's history richer to me. preservation sucks and evolution rocks.

    but rat, as always, the key is to do what will make you happiest.

    best of luck-

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    +1 on the restore. Parts are cheap and readily available, plus if you have any old pics of it w/you or your dad would be fun to recreate a then/now pic of it. Regardless, it's always neat to sell an old bike or car and have it come back years later.

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    Restore it. It was your Dad's. You only get one Dad. I have nothing of my father's and I wish I had something. Memories are fine but something tangible is invaluable.

    Find another bike to turn into a racer but restore you Dad's bike.
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    yup, tribute to your dad, for me that's a no brainer. clean it up, ride it, enjoy. bcr

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    You could race it....

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    Start finding parts bikes that have what you need to restore your dads old bike. By the time you get one restored, you will have plenty of remains to build a race bike or two, or three. Don't get in a rush to get it right and I think a lot of stuff will fall into place. I may have a set of forks when I get back to my bikes and get some parts switched around.
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