Why not just fix the oem tank? If you have a week of time it can be done easily. Step 1) remove tank. 2) dump out rust and other goo inside tank. 3) dump in 1-2 boxes (100-200) 1/4 Star lock washers (star washers have thin twisted fingers off the main ring) add one box of nuts (1/4x20 or what ever is cheap) cap and shake.. shake... shake. 4) dump out rust, washers and nuts. Rinse with water. 5) add nuts and washers again and 1 cup or so of water. cap and shake, repeat until all you get out is super fine crud. then rinse twice with water. 6) pour in 1 gallon of Evapo-rust and cap. roll tank to coat the inside. Place old blanket coiled up on floor rest tank in side the blanket and leave over night in AM before heading to work shake tank and leave resting on another side. repeat until all areas have sat over night or longer. 7) rinse with water twice. 8) pour in a cup of acetone cap roll around to coat all side. dump and repeat twice. Leave tank in dry area to evaporate and dry. 9) coat inside with Caswells Dragon blood or red coat sealer (follow the directions!! but you don't need to etch...its been done already.) I've seen pictures of a tank wraped in bubble wrap stuffed inside a clothes dryer set on NO HEAT setting but I've never done it.