Are you using your refund money for a new bike?

Are you using your refund money for a new bike?

This is a discussion on Are you using your refund money for a new bike? within the General forums, part of the Forums category; Ok, So Iv'e been thinkin of all the crap I could buy with this refund money the good ole USA is stealing for us next ...

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    Are you using your refund money for a new bike?

    Ok, So Iv'e been thinkin of all the crap I could buy with this refund money the good ole USA is stealing for us next month. And the one thing that is really stickin out to me is a new bike. Is anyone else thinkin about this???? I mean, with the money I get back(after my wife has had her fair(unfair)share), I could still do a low budget 350!!!

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    I just bought a new project, so my refund money is going into that! Can't wait to get started on it.
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    I'm with Mr. Danger, refund money is going towards the bike. I see a fiber glass seat/tank combo I want from bcr

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    refund money is indeed going towards the bike!

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    Mine is going into the new carpet fund.

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    London, ON, Canada.
    Two kids in University.......what do you think???
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    I heard you stopped in Revzilla to buy a helmet. Whattya think of the Rev'it! Silica Ladies Leather Jacket (Black-White) they have on display? I know, I's a shameless plug disguised in a harmless question.

    Funny that we have started to travel in the same circles.


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    Wife and my refund is goiong straight to the bank...Now my buddy, his refund may be coming my way to complete a bike/cash transaction. some of that money go towards cb350 stimulus package to get the thing up to code. and some of that will probably end up in the bank as well. Gotta keep local black market motorcycle economy strong as well.

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    My refund check last year was the down payment on my Ducati S1K (along with the proceeds of the SO's bike sale). This year it is going toward housing (hopefully a down payment but more likely a new apartment).
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    New windows, bunk beds for my sons, new kitchen table, pay off this new computer. New EPCO mufflers were in the budget before I smashed up my Thunderbird. Any bike money I'm lucky enough to see from those checks now will most likely be for repairs, not something fun. The Lovely Sue is now starting to hint that I should start eBaying some spares from my 350 project to finance Triumph repair. One minor crash takes all the fun out of free government money.
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