Stop, Look. Go. Thump.

Stop, Look. Go. Thump.

This is a discussion on Stop, Look. Go. Thump. within the General forums, part of the Forums category; So a couple weekends ago, I was riding up to Williambsburg to deliver a helmet. A new guy at work has his Boneville down, and ...

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    Stop, Look. Go. Thump.

    So a couple weekends ago, I was riding up to Williambsburg to deliver a helmet. A new guy at work has his Boneville down, and in his hurry to get into town on the move, forgot his lid. I have a spare lying around, and was going to let him borrow it until his wife shipped him his.

    I take a route I usually don't take. Turning right on red. The Canyonero in front of me rolls through the light. I stop, look left. Nothing coming. Start to go... WHAM!

    The bike lurches forward, as well as left, right, and a few other directions I'm not quite sure about. I keep it up, and pull over into the gutter. I look behind me and the Dodge Durango pulls in behind me.

    Swearing, ripping off my gloves, throwing them onto the ground, I'm in full angry-biker mode. [}] With all the work I've put into the bike, the plastic is folded up like a hooker that just got gut punched by a fat guy with sores on his face. The lady gets out, and has that look on her face like "Oh s--t... what's he gonna do now."

    After coming to my whits, we talk it out. She expected me to roll through the light. I believe that red means stop, and didn't. My hand was off the brake, and I was starting to move, which I think saved me from going down.

    Anyway, after over $500 in parts, she's making it all right. Her husband, oddly enough, used to own a motorcycle shop, and asked if he could order the parts through his old place to save a buck. I said I had no problem with it. Hey, nobody was hurt, and IMO, that's the most important outcome of any accident.

    So my baby looked like this shortly after the accident... (got a ride home in the back of a trailer from the guy who I was dropping off the helmet to.)

    And now, after using some duct-tape, ingenuity, and some spit, it's almost like new! I mean... you can hardly notice... right?... RIGHT? [B)]

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    i looked at the history of this bike on your post, this bike keeps taking hits. at least you're okay though.

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    isnt that what duct tape is for?? white duct tape would have looked nicer though.


    not a pretty boy honda rider... i\'m fag on a TTR

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    The duct tape is only temporary, so it doesn't bother me too much.

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    If you don't call the cops and the insurance company, there's a good chance they'll never make good on their promises to give you the parts... just saying...

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    I would have called the cops too....the police need to know and ticket, the insurance companies needs to know they are insuring an dangerous person driving a big ass SUV and charge accordingly.

    I PROMISE if you had so much as dinged her SUV and it was your fault she would have had you before the freakin spanish inquisition.


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    Glad you are okay! That could have sucked hardcore.

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    a women made me clearcoat her plastic bumper after a 5mph hit. plastic bumpers don't dent, and i didn't think they were clearcoated. cost me $300.00 for that and $150.00 for her RENTAL CAR!

    i should of sued her.

    advocate for the injured, disabled, and urinated upon.

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    I agree with JohnnyB and Unga. Never be the nice guy in an accident. Always call the police and report it. I've been screwed because I was a nice guy. Once.


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    +1. Besides, she should have to pay dearly for being one of those morons that ignore the right turn on red AFTER STOP law.

    Same goes for rolling through stop signs. I just had a Post Office truck behind me blow his horn at me because I came to a complete stop at a 4-way stop when there was no traffic. I calmly dismounted the bike, walked to his truck and gently (ok, so it really wasn't so gently) explained that s-t-o-p means stop, not "slow down and keep going". He was dumbfounded. I hate to admit it but it did feel good to vent. Maybe next time he'll think twice, though i doubt it. Those kind of people just don't get it.

    Let the flaming commence.

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