8-ball Award

8-ball Award

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Thread: 8-ball Award

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    8-ball Award

    I know there are a few threads that are used to rant and rave about some idiot, so I though why not start a thread for an individual or group of that has done some incredible stupid that deserves some sort of award.

    Check this one out -

    I went to a great cruiser night Wed (Macedon NY). There were at least a thousand bikes and 100 to 150 cars. The place was jammed with people. Well right on the street - in plane view- is a cop sitting in his car.

    As things go, when a hot car or bike leaves the place, they like to make some noise and burn a little rubber. For the bikes, a little running through the gears and maybe a wheelie.

    This zipper head (in shorts also) pulls out on his stretched out kaw (full drag type custom sport bike) drives pass the cop then nails it (75 feet in front the cop) in a 45 mph zone. Of course the cop was not going to let this one go.

    I pulled out and drove in the same direction and of course the guy was pulled over and was getting a nice fat ticked from the cop.

    Now in NY - besides the ticket, you get an additional 85 bucks tacked on to the ticket by NY state.

    So the 8-ball award goes to the the guy in the shorts - what was he thinking....
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    I saw a guy lying dead on the side of the road last night - it sucked. Some older guy on a Harley hit a guardrail and flew 80 feet and died of skull injuries. No helmet. He was probably on his way to Bike Night at Quaker Steak and Lube (where I had just come from). Some people stopped to help him but his skull was caved in.

    I despise nanny-state laws like seatbelt laws and helmet laws - but damn, that guy could be at home tonight with his grandkids if he'd had a decent helmet on. I guess he didn't have to die in a nursing home...

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    Crap. Sorry to hear that. Its nothing I'd ever want to come across.

    Which I why I don't ride with people that don't wear a helmet or gear.

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    You must be talking about the Log Cabin. I haven't made it out yet this year but will soon.

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    i'm doing my best to make it to the nursing home (without a caved in skull). i'd rather end up there @100 than die doing 100. i want my grand kids to be bored listening to me tell them over and over how i beat champ. this "he died doing what he loved" thing is B.S.
    I\'m not handsome

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