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Numb Hands?

This is a discussion on Numb Hands? within the General forums, part of the Forums category; the wieghts on the end work well i'm told. i wonder if the rubber bushings under your risers are old and hard and if a ...

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Thread: Numb Hands?

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    the wieghts on the end work well i'm told. i wonder if the rubber bushings under your risers are old and hard and if a new set would do much?
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    I promise if you simply gear one up much taller

    you won't have to wonder about putting bandaids on it and it will cruise 80 without any annoying buzzing

    it's just a mere 42 inch vertical twin and only generates vibration in one axis

    unlike an inline 4 which does in two

    worst case you might have to putz with the ignition timing a tiny bit

    the only reason I can think of for not gearing one taller is if one is actually being used for 1/8th or 1/4 mile racing

    other than that...... I've yet to see, own, or ride a stock geared XS that would comfortably sustain anything approaching 3/4 throttle for miles on end or even comfortably sustain 80

    and heck a tiny little cb350 or RD250 will do that and then some
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    Yea thanks Hack I think I am going to switch to a 18 front and a 32 rear using 520 chain and sprockets. But yes Unga there is a large design flaw with the motor i want to get it rephased to 277 but its pretty pricey.
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