Newbie Question '70 CB350 Twin

Newbie Question '70 CB350 Twin

This is a discussion on Newbie Question '70 CB350 Twin within the General forums, part of the Forums category; Found one on craigslist and they seem to be a failry decent bike to turn work on (goal of a cafe racer). Thing is I'm ...

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    Newbie Question '70 CB350 Twin

    Found one on craigslist and they seem to be a failry decent bike to turn work on (goal of a cafe racer). Thing is I'm bigger 6foot 3 and 250 pounds. Would a bike like that even be reasonable?

    Info on the one I found. Good deal or keep shopping?


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    jk. Looks like a clean 350 for a decent price. Might be a bit small but you'll still be able to give mopeds a run for their money. I'm just messing with yah. I've got a 400 and I'm 180 and it still puts a smile from ear to ear.
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    I think you may be a little big for the 350. Plus for $800 it should run faster than 60. He says it is a little problem with the carbs, but it could also be a little expensive problem with the compression. I would pass. I just looked at Craigslist in ST. Louis and there is a good running KZ650 for %1000 that would be a good bet.

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