Screw kits from MG Innovative

Screw kits from MG Innovative

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    Screw kits from MG Innovative


    Has anyone bought the Honda CB/CL 350 1968-73 Screw Kit for '73 CB350G? from
    any input? Good/no good?

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    Keep in mind that you'll be paying a certain amount for convenience. You can also go to any well stocked hardware store and buy stainless hex key screws and bolts and save a bit.

    However, if I didn't have access via my own shop I'd probably just pony up the $45....
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    It is actually a really good deal, you could get a better price but to get all the right sizes you would need to buy enough to do 50 kits. They also do a starter block off plug that, at $20 or so dollars, is a screaming deal.

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    iv'e bought a few different kits and theirs are the best i found both in completeness and quality.
    the kits i've gotten from stainless cycle on ebay had quite a few screws with severe pitting on the heads resulting in a return.
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    I've used this guy .
    He's pretty good .
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    MG industries: i have some of their stuff on my V1 bike......

    pretty good quality!

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