US street thumpers: GB500 vs. SRX600

US street thumpers: GB500 vs. SRX600

This is a discussion on US street thumpers: GB500 vs. SRX600 within the General forums, part of the Forums category; So, I know you some of you folks have owned one or both. IF (see? a BIG if) you could get your hands on either ...

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    US street thumpers: GB500 vs. SRX600

    So, I know you some of you folks have owned one or both. IF (see? a BIG if) you could get your hands on either one in good shape which would you choose? Hypothetical thumper shootout.



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    I'd take me a GB just because I'm a honda guy. Not to mention those wheels are gastly looking and something with the tank just gives me a bad taste in my mouth after looking at it. The seat section looks kinda MX'ish also. Do the GB's come stock like that cause that's a beautiful bike.
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    Ohh the GB in a NY minute.
    Beautiful bike.

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    I don't know if the GB came stock like that but if it did I'd have in a flash. I did own an SRX and loved it. I hated the Yamaha wheels with a passion but the motor was a single lovers joy. I'd have another if I could find a decent one.

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    I have never owned either, but I have raced both. On the track the SRX has better handling, power and brakes. On the street, they are both nice but the SRX fit me better. Given the choice I would go with the SRX. I have a Honda Ascot.

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    Yamaha SRX. I know I should like the GB honda but it leaves me cold. The SRX is fugly and doesn't care, I'd flog it like a rented mule. cheers, bcr

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    My brother had a GB. What a hoot. Sold it to finance a bathroom remodel (we no longer talk). I've never ridden an SRX, but I'd have to cast my vote in favor of the Honda on looks alone. I remember lusting after that bike when it first came out.
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    GB, had one in the garage, 'in the crate' never put together, sold it ... GB is still on my short list...

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    To answer the question, YES GB's did come looking just like that black and gold model above. It was honda's attempt to build a british single in the 1980s. In the us market they all came one way black and gold, open front, 500ccs, in other markets they had 400 and 500 variants, a dunstall style fairing (which looks drop dead gorgeous), and may have come in other colors (I have heard rumors of Dark green and Dark blue as an option but cannot confirm it - all with gold pinstripes).

    It is a hard call. Knowing how you ride in NYC rosko has me leaning to the SRX, but if you could promise me that you would park it in a sheltered garage and not treat it like your SV then the GB gets the nod.
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    the later srx with the single shock. no question. easier to get parts, more modern, and i think cooler looking. but then, i look at a pile of them over at buckys all the the time.

    turnbulls got a very clean gb with a 650 motor in it. but it took some work to get it figured out and keep it stock looking. next year i want to race buckys, just once.

    not a pretty boy honda rider... i\'m fag on a TTR

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