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This is a discussion on New to the forum within the General forums, part of the Forums category; Hey you guys, I'm pretty new to the scene and the forum. I had a couple of questions. I was thinking about picking up a ...

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    New to the forum

    Hey you guys, I'm pretty new to the scene and the forum. I had a couple of questions. I was thinking about picking up a 76 honda cb550f but wasn't sure about a few things. The bike looks super clean but the only fault is that one of the carbs leaks gasoline from the tube, the kick start doesnt work, and the key to the ignition gets a little loose when in. ARe these major problems that I should be worried about or would this be easy fixes? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    If your new to bikes in general I would stick with a bike that doesn't have any problems. That's be like you jumping into a pool and knowing you can't swim.
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    Carb leaking gasoline from the overflow - not a major problem if you are willing to do the work, but an expensive repair if you have a shop do it.

    Kickstart not working - yes this is a major repair, if you have no experience working on bikes at all look for something else.

    Loose ignition - replace it with a used one. straightforward easy repair.

    buy the best bike you can afford. presumably every old bike is going to have problems, so the best thing is to pick a bike you want and do as much research as possible. You can download service manuals online for most bikes for free so look through the service manual and evaluate what the repair is going to look like every time you look at a bike with a problem.
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    Geeto's advice and diagnosis is right on. Listen to him and get the best bike you can afford. If you're like me you'll like the challenge of working on your own bike but beware it may be costly and sometimes learning new things doesn't come as fast as you may like (this means you may not be able to ride your bike for awhile while you are working on it). In the long run it is very satisfying when all the hard work pays off. Then again having a dependable bike that you don't have to work on is just as nice.

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