Shipping large items

Shipping large items

This is a discussion on Shipping large items within the General forums, part of the Forums category; How are you guys shipping your large items? I have a fairing that I could sell but to ship it to CA would cost $120 ...

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    Shipping large items

    How are you guys shipping your large items?
    I have a fairing that I could sell but to ship it to CA would cost $120 because of its size. The package would be 36 X 20 X 20 and I get the $120 shipping cost from
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    Should be $66.06 or less via FedEx Home Delivery, assuming it weighs under 15 pounds.

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    It seems to me that UPS ground is usually a little cheaper than the post office, especially on larger items.
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    Check with Greyhound:

    You and your buyer would have to go to a bus terminal to ship/receive the package but typically it's a LOT cheaper for large/heavy items...


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    The reason it's so high with UPS is because the box is so big. If you can fit it into a slightly smaller box safely it will be much cheaper. When you go over a certain size box they nail you for "dimensional shipping" which means your box is going to take the space on the truck of another box so you will pay more. $120 seems pretty steep but I've seen it happen.
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    I'm shooting for the greyhound also. I had to ship a bumper from WI to NY and was dirt cheap.
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    greyhounds good, i had a frame shipped from AZ to TX for under $60.
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    Large packages i got to UPS. they beat USPS for big stuff only. fuel tank size (30 x12 x12) and smaller is cheaper to use USPS almost every time.
    Also helps if the postal employee measures a certain way. I had one location quote me $80 for a box, then i went to a different USPS branch and got it shipped for $35. there is more then one way to measure the girth on the package. make length the longest, and width the smallest measurement is what works best for me. for whatever reason, it sometimes makes a large difference. I think it has to do with the conveyer belt width they use.
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    you can send stuff on amtrak too.


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