Well...It,s OFFICIAL, I think I'm getting screwed!

Well...It,s OFFICIAL, I think I'm getting screwed!

This is a discussion on Well...It,s OFFICIAL, I think I'm getting screwed! within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; I dropped my bike off at the mechanic today and this is what he told me... First he said, full tune up would cost me ...

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    Well...It,s OFFICIAL, I think I'm getting screwed!

    I dropped my bike off at the mechanic today and this is what he told me... First he said, full tune up would cost me 150.00, which from what I heard was alot of stuff, then after I told him what i was experiencing on the ride over ther he said that it was probably something to do with the carbs and then he showed me a carb that had a rubber piece this is exactly what he showed me...


    and he showed me how that can get pin holes in it, and that is what he thinks is my problem then he said and if that's the problem, that and I quote" will be real expensive" he said those peices are very hard to find and that they could cost over 160 dollars a piece and I would probably need 4 of them????

    At first he said it would be about 550.00, and then I realized he was going to get me some of those cheng tires and charge me almost 70 dollars a piece for them,, I was like what? I can get them for 25 bucks!

    Anyway after it was all said and done he said it would be around 450.00, now if I get everything done and I mean everything to the point it would not have to be touched for another 5 years or so, its a good deal but if I am paying that and he really aint fixin shit, I think he is screwing me, but I did ask him If I can be around when he works on the bike ( want to atleast learn) and he said he did not have a problem with it... And he was also putting my new headlight, bars, grips, levers(clutch/brake), mirrors and tires on as well, for that price, so am I getting screwed?? If so it sucks because he is the only guy around that does this stuff....... Any way let me know what you guys think?

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    Let see - he's building your bike, tuning it and basically getting it running for you - and you think your getting screwed... Why don't you go take a MC repair course, get 10 years experience doing the work and do it all yourself. Your paying for the man's time - that should be worth something.

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    nothing really seems out of line to me, except that your CB360 would need 4 of the slide rubbers.

    He has to pay $1500 a month to rent the building he is in.

    He has to pay himself to feed his family

    he has electric, phone, internet, gas bills every month.

    Liability insurance every month.

    lots of overhead in other words. out of that $450, the shop will make maybe $100.

    many customers realize this and gladely pay the guy extra just to keep his doors open. Be one of these customers unless you want to learn yourself. Many people have no interest in learning how to do their own work, its nothing to be ashamed of or anything. You just have to expect in return that you now pay a lot more for repairs.

    I actually look for tires online, find the cheapest price. then i go to my local shop and if its 20% more per tire, i'm still happy to keep my money local. you live and learn.

    But it doesn't sound like he is trying to screw you to me.
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    You're lucky to even find a guy thats willing to work on an old bike like that. 450.00 sounds like a good deal to me. Take it. One question, why own and ride an old bike like that if you can't do most of the work on it yourself? Before you know it you'll have more money in "professional" repair than the bike is worth.

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    is this for the 360T, you if you need to replace the slide and diaphram the PART is 90 bucks from bike bandit a piece. you need two of them. they certainly aren't cheap. Parts unlimited retail price on cheng shits to fit em are 45 bucks a pop. our shop would charge probably 150 bucks for the carb diaphram replacment rough guess, and and $75 to do the tires, probably a high guess. why are you paying someone to put on handlebars and a mirrors? now that you should be screwed on. you may have come off as an ass or something.

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    After seeing prices on what shops charge is why I started working on my cars. It's not because I wanted to, it was because I couldn't afford it. Now I just do it myself unless I have the money to do it and something I don't feel like doing. I don't bash on the prices of what shops charge cause I have a really close friend who manages his dad's shop so I know it's what puts the bread and butter on their tables. Either buy a manual and do it yourself, buy a good set of rebuilt or working carbs or pay up and get it done correctly.
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    You can also pick these up if you want and these seem fairly decent for the price.
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    you can buy alot of tools for $450.00


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    But you can't buy a lot of skills.

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    quote:Originally posted by buckandaquarter

    But you can't buy a lot of skills.

    $75 for tires? Each, that isn't bad if he's also mounting them for you. That's a pain to do, especially since he has to screw around with the tubes in each one. Is he replacing the tubes?

    Instead of stomping out of there in a huff, take a few minutes to learn a little about your bike. Knowledge is power. If you bring it to a shop then, at least you'll have a clue what things really cost and how much time it will really take to do something.

    The problem with older bikes is that there's a few million stupid things that can be wrong with them. And tracing down ignition problems due to old wiring is a pain and time consuming.

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