Man, I've really been hosed lately by a few motorcycle parts companies. US Chrome of Wisconsin is the most appallingly bad company I've ever done business with. They're a cylinder reconditioning/plating company that will charge you $300 to destroy your cylinder then tell you to bugger off. Sportingforless really broke it off in me, too. They sold me a rivet-type cam chain advertised as a way to replace your chain without splitting the cases, but the "master link" that was included was just a factory link that wasn't pressed together yet. It would work if you had the special industrial chain-making equipment that the manufacturer does, but forget about using a cam chain riveter or anything else. I know how to work a rivet-type link. It's standard procedure on XS650s. Problem was, I cut the endless chain before I realized the problem with the link. They wouldn't take it back, even after I explained the problem, and I had to eat it.
I recently bought a petcock for my H1 from a company called Mid-Atlantic cycles. It was a $60 petcock, which I though was a better deal than $110 for a Pingel unit. I got the other petcock and didn't install it for 3 months, but when I did install it, it leaked from a few places and just seemed to be a low quality item. I contacted John at Mid-Atlantic about it, expecting to be told "tough luck", since I'd had it for 3 months, but he was happy to take it back. He said he hadn't had any other reports of them being bad, but I figured I'd just put the money towards a Pingel petcock, which he also sold. He even paid the shipping to get the Pingle to me. That's how you run a business. I've spent more money there since.
So in closing, spend your money at Mid-Atlantic Cycles. Never give a penny of your money to US Chrome of Wisconsin or Sportingforless. They're dicks.