a little help looking at 77/78 kz400

a little help looking at 77/78 kz400

This is a discussion on a little help looking at 77/78 kz400 within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; Hi everyone i am the new guy here. i am looking to purchase my first bike and was wondering if i could get a little ...

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    a little help looking at 77/78 kz400

    Hi everyone i am the new guy here. i am looking to purchase my first bike and was wondering if i could get a little help from you guys. I am pretty mechanically inclined so having to do a rebuild on something wont be too bad. so i am currently looking at this bike http://austin.craigslist.org/mcy/1122285803.html

    owner says it hasnt ran in about 10 years but it has been kept in a garage the whole time. says it will shift and roll and that the motor isnt seized. what would you guys think a fair price on it would be?

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    it's hard to tell from that pic but the forks look pretty pitted.

    "the title's in the mail." so's the check. wait for title in-hand.

    carbs disassembled. this means it doesn't run, the guy tried to figure it out, failed, and it will be up to you now.

    it's not an uncommon bike, it's not a big bike.

    you'll burn through at least 4-500 just getting it roadworthy. Brakes, fluids, battery, gaskets, condenser, points (maybe), plugs, forks, tires, probably bearings, and tank sealant. that's roadworthy, not pretty.

    IMO, 100 bucks, tops, if it has the title.

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    Yeah bw is right, unless you get it for under $100 with a title in your fist....look for something better.
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    thats mine, the ad says its not running and is a project. its one of the three bikes i picked up over easter. two are spoken for and i dont need this guy. im waiting for the title as it was the only one of the three missing, i trust i'll be getting it from the guy who gave me the other bikes and titles.
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    oh, and the forks are pitted. and no, i didnt take the carbs apart. im not bothering with anything on the bike or else i wont stop until the engines rebuilt.
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    That would be better for someone to use as parts. If you are looking for a bike to get on the road then you should look for something in better shape. You are going to spend $500 at least to get that thing safe for the road. Add the purchase price of say $150 and you are already at $650. Then you need to make it look good again so add another $300 for paint, seat and so on. Why not spend $600 and find either a ugly running bike or a decent looking bike that needs a bit of work to get running

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    the most expensive bike is a free bike. A minty kz400 should cost you no more than $1000 and that is for a really nice one. YOu can easily spend $900 on resurecting txchainsaws' bike and still not have it mint. Old hondas and kawis are cheap, buy a decent runner and start from there, don't worry there will still be plenty of crap to do.
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