Useable CB350 Tire Sizes (Specifically AM26's)

Useable CB350 Tire Sizes (Specifically AM26's)

This is a discussion on Useable CB350 Tire Sizes (Specifically AM26's) within the General forums, part of the Forums category; Hey guys, just curious if I could safely go up a size on my 350 when I order a set of Avons. If stock front ...

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    Useable CB350 Tire Sizes (Specifically AM26's)

    Hey guys, just curious if I could safely go up a size on my 350 when I order a set of Avons. If stock front and rear is 90/90 and 100/90, could I use 100/90 and 110/90 without having to take off my chain guard or anything silly like that? Definitely not racing this one, so anything around the wheels is mostly stock. Will it still ride two-up without digging the fender into the tread?

    Also, do you guys use tubes with these? I couldn't get a straight answer out of the North American rep for Avon Tyres.

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    I ran BT45s on my old 350, 90/90 up front and 110/90 on the rear. No clearance problems on the back. I don't think you would have any issues up front, but that might be a little more tire than you need up there(IMO).

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    I'd agree with Ron, front rim will take it but it's a bit narrow.
    I've got 90/90 Avon on WM3 rim and it looks OK
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    What is the stock front rim on a 350? WM2? Everything on it is stock, or at least it is for a few more days...

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    I run a 110 front AM-22 and a 130 rear AM23. Both on WM-3 alloy rims. Those suit my riding style, but I don't recommend them.

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