some Vin # questions

some Vin # questions

This is a discussion on some Vin # questions within the General forums, part of the Forums category; As I mentioned in my intro posting...once I started working on the bike...1977 Cb750K, I would come and ask the necessary questions. That time has ...

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    some Vin # questions

    As I mentioned in my intro posting...once I started working on the bike...1977 Cb750K, I would come and ask the necessary questions. That time has now come.

    I pulled the carbs off yesterday for rebuilding, and noticed that the motor seems pretty clean...just needed some washing off. I taped up the ports, intake and exhaust, and gave it a little rinsing. I was amazed how well it cleaned up. It also kinda looks who ever had this motor before might have cleaned it and painted it silver.

    Now, here is the VIN # questions: The vin on the motor does not match the Vin on the motor. It is supposed to be the exact same #???

    The vin on the bike is: CB750K 2706***
    The vin on the motor is: CB750E 2706***

    Th last three digits are different from one to the other.

    I do not know enough about these older bikes to know what the VIN # logic is. I do know on my never bikes, the motor number does not have match the VIN # at all.

    Thanks for any help and information.

    Here are some pics...please forgive the Suzuki stand...all my sport bikes are Zuki's.

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    Honda made engines on one line and chassis on a different one.
    I would be more suspicious if the numbers did match.
    Yamaha were the only people who had matching engine/frame numbers but even they stopped doing that sometime between 1998~2002 (I forget when, isn't important enough to remember)

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    I'm gonna agree with crazpi, I've registered 6 bikes this year and none of them were exactly the same eng-frame numbers. The one Yamaha I did actualy had a later year motor. The dmv dosen't worry if the numbers match, they only check to see if they come up on the "hot list", as long as you trust the seller and have good documents you should be fine. I'm in California, and our dmv is more interested in collecting fees than anything else, theres not mutch money involved in these old, cheep bikes so they usualy go through the motions, collect some fees and you are home free. I use a guy who does vehicle rrdgistrations profesionaly, it's very reasonable cause he runs the numbers first, that way you don't put a lot of $ into a bike that wont clear,also he pushes them right through and they've never rejected any.I would pay double, not to deal with the DMV but it's not that much, his fee is fair and reasonable. I hope it works out for you, also ,nice project! I'm helping my son with his '73 CB750, they are neet bikes. Good luck.
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    I have had more than 15 of these cb750s, and the vin and engine do not match.
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    Thanks guys. Once I posted this, I then went to google and see if I could find anything..and came up with the two following links. Its seems all the engines had an "E" code..which is what I really wondering about. The numbers do seem to be off buy some I do think now, this motor does belong to this frame.


    Thanks for the quick replies gents.

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