Some new pics of the RD400

Some new pics of the RD400

This is a discussion on Some new pics of the RD400 within the General forums, part of the Forums category; Let me know what you think... --Thanks, Chris...

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    Some new pics of the RD400

    Let me know what you think...

    --Thanks, Chris

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    nice, almost feel like the seat pad is too thin... but that's just my eye... i'll bet she's quick!

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    I like it alot but maybe there's alittle too much black. Is the frame flat black or gloss? I can't really tell from the pictures. I think if you left a little chrome to make it not to overpowering. It almost looks like it was spraybombed minus the fact that it looks like you have new hardware on the engine and whatnot. I'm not hating but just my .02. Cool bike though. Can't wait to get my two stroker going.
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    I like the brand new, very pretty paint next to the less than perfect gas cap. Girl's favorite color is orange.
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    Overall I like the bike. I'd like to see a hump on the seat but that's probably a cliche to some so maybe it's just me. The one part I can't deal with though is the bars. I'm not anti-clubman, I'm using them on my project, but those just look wrong to me. They need to be rotated to get a better angle on the master cylinder/hand grips. But then the angle of them might be putting your wrists in a weird position? Maybe it's just the angle of the photos but they bother me...

    FWIW I bought a set of (cheap) clubmans for a project and decided they're not designed well.. there's no way to get a good angle on them... sometimes a set of bars just won't work for the application.

    But again, overall I like the bike. Reminds me of an R5/RD350 racebike I built back in my younger days.
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    Hi Gents:

    Thanks for the feedback! The blacked-out look is not for everyone, that's for sure. Everything on the bike is powdercoated satin black with the exception of the motor. I PJ1 that.

    The original plan for the bike was to be a beater, but one morning I looked at the bike--which at that point was stripped bare--and said fuck it; I'll just PC as much as I can. Then everything got out of control from there. Much more money than I originally planned.

    I'm a bit at the crossroads with the clubmans as well. I've used clip-ons on other builds and generally don't like them as much. It probably has to do with my riding style, but I like clubmans more. But you're right: something is off WRT the handbars on this bike.

    I think I'll ride it around for the summer as-is, then switch to either clip-ons (less likely) or some carbon dirtbike bars. Those new Eastman's are calling my name.

    I'm also not digging the suspension; it feels way too soft. So over the winter, I'll upgrade the fork internals and get some new rear dampers. I also want to switch the front brakes out R6 calipers and rotors. But honestly, I just want to start riding her again.


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    I like it . Looks pretty spot on . Gas cap needs paint or rechrome . Other than that it looks real good . And never mind the black paint haters . The contrast of the black and chrome allen head bits is classy .
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