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another find: $750 sandcast 1969 CB750 -- w/ pics!

This is a discussion on another find: $750 sandcast 1969 CB750 -- w/ pics! within the General forums, part of the Forums category; I normally check my local Craigs list every day, looking for moto bargains. I now have to step up to morning and night statewide checks, ...

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    I normally check my local Craigs list every day, looking for moto bargains. I now have to step up to morning and night statewide checks,

    Ya' lucky bastard.
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    you must be a great guy if good guys always win
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    The amazing CL ad read:
    (title)1969 HONDA 750 PRE K 4CYL, 4 CARB - $500 (SPICEWOOD)

    CALL BJ xxx-xxx-xxxx
    That's it.
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    quote:Originally posted by catboy must be a great guy if good guys always win
    yeah, except good guys always lose/finish last. so i guess that means fang is a total jerk (no offense, fang-we've never met, so i could be wrong. that's just where the evidence points.).

    please, teach me to be as much of a jerk as you, so's i can find deals, too.

    your ready disciple,

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    You can do massive CL searches if you go on and can search whole states instead of just cities, regions of the US or even the entire US(which I don't suggest). It's a cool site.
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    Did I mention that the bike came with an ultra rare, unstamped set of sandcast engine cases? Check out the pics. (Click for the big view):

    Yep. There is no serial number on these cases. I am hoping that some desperate collector out there will snatch these up and pay top dollar because the motor looks great (even though it is rust-seized), and he will be able to stamp them himself with any sandcast number that he wants. Whoop.

    A ton of these sandcast engines had serious cam chain issues. Cam chain tightener issues too. The chain would blow and destroy the engine cases. Honda responded with replacing as many of these as possible under warranty. Quite a few got replaced, but most of those ended up being replaced with die-cast engine cases instead of the sand cast ones. Of course this seemed to make everyone happy -- Honda could make the diecasts cases cheap, and the bike owners were happy because they were supposed to be better. Flash forward 40 years, and of the original 7414, there are now almost no sandcast engines left. Other than their rarity and fragility, there is almost nothing special about them. They used a different, more pure alloy for the sand castings, and crap like that, but ...whatever. It looks like this one either happened get its unstamped engine from the factory(unlikely), or it was replaced in 1969 before they ran out of spare sandcast motors. You know how they say 'rare' a lot on eBay? LOL.

    Just the VIN. No one cares about this but looosers, geeks, and poseurs.

    I sprayed the bike down with a little water and it started to clean up nicely.

    We've been married for almost 11 years. Do you think she likes it!??

    EDIT: I gave the sissy bar away to a friend today who has a splendid collection of raunchy sissy bars.

    Peace and grease,
    Even the softest of things can pass through The Fang.mp3 like invisible water.
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    don't forget a lot of the sandcast engines also tossed their drive chains right through the back of the cases. It was the number 1 cause of replacement.

    AS fast as these stockers are they make lousy cafe big bore engine bikes, the die cast cases are soooo much better.
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    Geeto, Why are the diecasts better performers? I have never heard this before.

    As for Sandcast reliability, I understand that the cases are basically just as good as the diecast. The problem was never the cases. The problem was the cam chains and their tensioners.

    Anyway, I am starting to have a plan form in my heart. I feel the faint warmth from the possibility of an impossible dream coming within my reach. Calling out to me, I can hear the distant whispers of a storm, whose echos I am accustomed to trying to ignore, only now building into a roaring tempest within my soul. There are three or four bikes I have always wanted to build. A proper Triton w/ alloy bits, an early 70's Ducati Imola Desmo, and a 1969 Sandcast Honda CR750 racer have always, ALWAYS been on that short list of dream build unobtanium. Building any of these machines would be WAY way beyond my pay grade, and I've dismissed them as distant, wild dreams which help keep me awake at night.

    Amazingly, because of the two "once in a lifetime" purchases that fell in my lap over the last few days, that dream might just be within my reach.

    So, if I decide to keep this bike, I think I might have to attempt to rebuild it around my nearly complete CR kit, supplemented with modern parts. It would require a certain laser-beam focus and clarity of intent as well as me liquidating all my other toys to pay for the few remaining bits and pieces, but a dream is a dream.

    I already have most the parts to build one correctly, and over the years I have built a few of these 'over built' CB750 motors. I simply have never tried to put them in sandcast cases. Here's the standard build list:
    Heavy duty studs, both for the cylinders and down below for the bearings
    Heavy duty cam & primary chains + tensioners
    Lightend, balanced crank + alternator
    Falicon con rods
    back-cut tranny
    HD clutch and parts
    possibly one of my 900cc cylinder/piston sets
    A ported, reinforced head w/ race springs, titanium retainers, hot cam
    Most of this stuff exceeds the quality and performance of the original CR kit bits, and I am not enough of a purist to put inferior parts into a motor, just for nostalgia's sake.

    Even though I think I have most of these parts already sitting around the garage, there are still some parts missing from the CR kit I have been assembling -- like a magnesium dual leading shoe rear drum break. It would be super trick, super expansive, and super desirable! ...But not something that I really would not want on a machine which is regularly driven on the street, so I'll figure out how to get an aluminum one back there. I don't have a CR aluminum oil tank, but I know where I can get one. There are a few bits like that, but the bottom line is that if, and that is a BIG IF... If I decide to build this Sandcast into a streetable CR racer, I am sure I can do it. And it would be like a dream come true for me.

    The bike, as it sits now is pure money for me. Sell it and I get a few grand. Easy, right? But I am self employed, and I get wads of cash all the time. I am paid irregularly, so I am used to being dirt poor, and then suddenly getting paid a few grand and I am totally loaded. What I am saying is that I don't think that the value of selling this thing and getting a sudden wad of cash is worth the truly rare value that it holds for me -- the potential of a dream project made real, a possibility which might never again casually present itself to me in my lifetime.

    If I build this dream bike, it will be the fruit of more than a decade of carefully collecting parts. The idea of it almost seems larger than I am. That alone renders it all but irresistible.

    I am sure you all will hear about my plans as they become more concrete. I still have a lot of thinking and a lot of processing to do. Sadly, it is most likely that I will end up just cleaning up this old sandcast bike and selling it on eBay. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    I am somewhat drunk on the idea right now, and am still hammering out ideas. I'll sober up soon.

    peace and grease,
    Even the softest of things can pass through The Fang.mp3 like invisible water.
    Tired of eating CRAP!

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    If your going to build for value - your better off going classic and restoring the bike to stock condition - then you'll have a 15K bike. Building as a CR750 with a sandcast motor and frame - I'm not sure what the value would end up??? Besides - didn't you just score a half built project that could be used in a CR project??? If you ebay turn this bike your looking at 6K as it is now. I'm thinking it will take about 3K to mint this bike up as a classic - that's better money investment than the stock market. I commend you on your two recent finds - now that I said all that - your starting to pissing me off with these finds.
    Bob - Palmyra NY
    2 - 69 CB750, 1 Turbo
    1 - 71 CB750

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