I buoght some parts on e-bay for my CB450 and CB500t and I thought I would sort of do a product evaluation? The first one is for either bike, it is a set of stainless steel nuts and flatwashers for the valve adjusters. You get three of each since the fourth is under the points cover and dosen't show. I think this seller makes his parts on a lathe from stainless barstock? Anyways, the finish is polished and they fit and work well, the threads fit tight and the nut is strong and dosen't mark up from the wrench. the second item is a special screw to hold the sidecover. The one in the picture has been on my 450 for over 1 year and still looks good, it's been screwed on and off numerous times and no trouble with the threads,( I always use a little oil of S.S. cause it tends to gall the threads). I see now he lists them with washerd and rubbers too. Considering what it would cost to make them or have my old ones re-cromed they seemed reasonable priced and he delivered fast. If you e-bay, searce for cb450 stainless cover screws it will come up, go to his other items for the adjuster nuts. heres pics,
These are specificaly for honda cb/cl 450 and cb500t, I'm very satisfied with them. I like shinney stuff, "ca-caw ca-caw!