Diesel cars

Diesel cars

This is a discussion on Diesel cars within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; Hate to do it on a MC forum, but figured some of y'all might own a diesel car. Like a modern VW diesel. Wife has ...

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Thread: Diesel cars

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    Diesel cars

    Hate to do it on a MC forum, but figured some of y'all might own a diesel car. Like a modern VW diesel.

    Wife has killed one of our cars. While I think it's funny that she now has to take the scooter to work, I do think we should replace the car.
    I've been thinking about getting a diesel for a while, mostly because I think hybrids are stupid.

    Anyone own a modern VW diesel? Any pointers on what models/years to look for or avoid? Any sites that are good sources of info?


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    My sister has a TDI beetle and for a greasepot it hustles along ok.
    Apparently 200hp and a shit-ton of torque can be had from them fairly simply, though I haven't messed with it myself.
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    There are a lot of Benzes out there that have been converted. I think those cars are easier to convert to WVO or SVO because it's been done for so long now. They are also cheap to get and a lot of em are still running strong.

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    No no no... no conversions. I honestly don't want to fuck with that. Just looking for a normal street car that gets good mileage. Anyone own a newer TDI or know of a FAQ site?

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    i have a frieghtliner sprinter with a benz turbo diesel.

    i'd say buy her one of those with joint custody for (race) weekends.

    25mpg at 70mph all day long!


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    Those little Golf TDI's are great cars. My father has a one which the wifey and I borrowed a few years ago to drive out to wisconsin. Got great mileage, WAY better than we estimated. There are some cons though, one being that VW service is pricey. Look at some of the TDI forums before getting into it.

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    I somewhat recently sold my family's 2003 VW Golf TDI. It was a great little car. My only gripe is that it was an automatic. Otherwise it was superb.

    The kicker with these diesels is that they make incredible torque at very low RPMs. That means that you can shift MUCH earlier than on a gasser. The problem with our automatic is that VW programs their diesel auto transmissions just like the gas ones, so it revs normally and wastes a TON of fuel.

    If you buy one, you MUST buy one with a manual tranny. If you learn how to drive it (i.e. shift early and try to accelerate gently) you can easily get 50mpg, and if you are a pro you might even get as much as 60mpg! My auto only got 36-42mpg (me vs my wife driving), and there was absolutely nothing we could do to improve it.

    When I said 'try to accelerate gently' a second ago, I meant it -- the torque that these things produce make you want to slam the pedal and spin the tires all the time. They are a ton of fun. I would say that these have the same performance as any mid-sized gas-powered sport sedan... Choosing a diesel definitely is not a compromise in power. The noise is not a problem either. It is most noticeable when idling or stopped at lights. (It is a nice happy purr.) Once you are going down the road it is as quiet as any other car.

    If I had about $13k sitting around, I didn't know what to do with it, AND I could get any 4-wheeled vehicle in the world, I would very seriously consider purchasing a late model VW Jetta TDI sport wagon with a 5-speed manual trany. You can carry the family, it has some utility, it will easily pull a bike trailer up hills all day long, AND it will get 50+ MPG. I have a friend, an older gent, who regularly gets 52mpg in his.

    The 'GLS' options package is very nice (the lower models will not tell you fuel economy, etc), and the VW "monsoon" audio package really rocks.

    One more thought, these diesels will only skyrocket up in value once gas hits $5+/gal this next summer. I bought mine for $13k and sold it two years later (when gas was expensive) WITH recent, MAJOR HAIL DAMAGE for $15k. As a former Porsche service manager, who both owned and worked on TDI VWs, I believe they are smart little cars, and that the motor is built like a tank.

    One more, one more thought. If you are shopping for these, be sure to get a TDI VW, not just one of the mid-to-late 1990's TDs. The Turbo Direct Injection motors are much more efficient than the simple older Turbo Diesels.

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