Seats from Benjies?

Seats from Benjies?

This is a discussion on Seats from Benjies? within the General forums, part of the Forums category; Sorry if its already been posted, but has anyone bought a seat from Im looking at getting one and fabin it to the cm400 ...

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    Seats from Benjies?

    Sorry if its already been posted, but has anyone bought a seat from Im looking at getting one and fabin it to the cm400 build. Im mainly trying to find out if the seat is really a good for the price. The other choice is to do a custom fab out of a old tank.

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    Metal or fiberglass? No experience with the fiberglass ones, but I've had a couple metal ones. They're heavy gauge - not aluminum and not light weight - solid workmanship. Have you email Benjie and asked if offers one that mates to your stock tank? He's always been pretty good at replying to me.

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    Oh those suck! Just kidding. Benjie is BCR here on this forum. He is a good guy. Just ask him.

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    ok, this point has been made before, but i am pretty sure that bcr, is not benjie. unless his name is bill, and lives in maine.

    and yes, bcr is a good guy.

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    I own a bunch of Benjie stuff and I like it but like everything it does have some faults. I will continue to buy from him however and encourage him to do the same.

    seats: I have a metal seat and it is a heavy fucker. really really heavy, like more than stock heavy. I bought mine used at a swap meet but if I were to order one new I would do it in fiberglass.

    his cb750 seats only fit a cb750. You can get a custom mount seat from him where you fab your own mounts and if I were to do that I would get in in raw glass without the taillight. however it is still expensive so unless you are married to the shape I would look at what else is out there.
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    their seats look nice, but we have other options too. i think of their stuff as art. its extremely nice to look at.

    Other option would be Tannermatic or Monkey is his handle here. light weight and functional.

    another thing to point out, what is with you guys and CM400's??? jes, there seems to be a ton of these things lately. that bike doesn't have the best line to build a bump style seat on. it slopes down real low so you are going to have a large gap under your seat that you can see thru from the side unless you make something custom.
    for the price of a Benjie seat, i'd consider getting another bike. CM400's are great at being stock commuters. so ponder that too.
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    CM400 owes a lot of us here money! he is a deadbeat loser and he cheats at cards. to make matters worse, he always takes a dump in my flower boxes when he passes my house drunk at night. that's why we don't like the looks of CM400 around these parts.

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