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    Nope. Gotta agree. HD sells image, that's why they are is such dire straits. Never mind the slow and heavy....
    Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices, but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence and fulfills the duty to express the results of his thought in clear form.
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    quote:Originally posted by HackAsaw



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    belive me, i'd love to have a new HD XR1200 sportster.

    I just can't afford to drop 10k on a bike.

    and if i could drop 10k on a bike it probably be a ducatti monster.

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    ive owned 2 modern HD's, why ? i just dont know. never again, i think when youve grown up with jap bikes you tend to stay with them.
    the old guys here with their Brit Iron, they go on about how they are 'real motorcycle' yet they never bloody ride em!
    'old hooligan...

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    most vehicle manufacturers sell new vehciles on the reputation that their used vehicles make on the market. The big four have a lots and lots of used vehicles out in the market and when that bike is used up and the buyer wants to look at a new one likely he is going to look at one from a brand he has had a positive expirence with. If more people buy new japanese motorcycles based on the positive expirences of their previous used one then the used market gets one more of those bikes down the road. A lot of the big four's 30 and 40 year old products are still on the road and affordable therefore appealing to a broarder spectrum than other brands where their vehicles are are not as common in the used market. Plus the japanese make a lot of different products where as most of the american or european brands are more specalized.

    When I was coming of age in motorcycling in the late 1980s and early 1990s, mid to late 1970's motorcycles were the used market that I could afford. The american stuff was already very very expensive then and what wasn't was not well cared for and required a lot of maintenance. Euro bikes were still coming into their own as collectibles so they were expensive also and not quite as common. In this period I owned a norton commando, a friend of mine owned a triumph bonneville, and a lot of other friends owned a lot of hondas, suzukis, kawasakis, etc. I paid $2000 for a commando (which in 1994 was a lot of money for a kid to have) when I could have easily bought a neighbor's 1970 cb750 for $100 running. Throughout the 1990s I owned a lot of japanese motorcycles because 1) they were cheap and easy to get a hold of, 2) they were dependable. Now as a grown up responsible adult I collect these bikes not because every one I saw in a magazine or on the street made my heart skip a beat, but because I remembered doing a lot of fun things I did with those bikes and I still want those expirences. I imagine there is a whole generation of people like me in american right now, loving old japanese bikes because they remember taking their highschool/college sweetheart on the back of one one summer night, or great road trip adventures. I imagine there are people in my generation that have had this same expirence with american bikes as well but less affordable vehicles in the used market place means less people have that expirence.

    My father's generation (baby boomers) however has a fondness for british and american iron, because during their time all there was to be had used and cheap were american and brit bikes. The japanese had not come along yet. So my father buys and collects american and british bikes, but he also has a fondness for japanese bikes because of bikes like the cb750, the GSXR1000 and ZX1000R that he owned when American and european bikes fell off from being the performance standard in the late 1970s and 1980s. I doubt my father will ever own another cb750 but he likes riding mine every once in a while.

    my current bike mentality is that when I want satisfaction in just ownership - pride of saying I have "X" bike I buy european (I would buy american but as of yet I have not reached that income level). when I want satisfaction in functionality I buy japanese - all my old japanese bikes are work horses. I don't own any new japanese bikes and only one new european bike which I hardly ever ride but am proud as punch to call my own. I can see owning my european bike for the next 20 years, and aside from one cb750 I can't really see myself owning any of my japanese bikes that long. yet I continue to buy used japanese bikes when the need arises because subconsioucly they are most familar. I don't really get excited about seeing cb750s anymore but you offer me one for a good deal and I really can't pass it up.
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    I disagree that vintage Ducati, or even simply vintage motorcycle fans, are "usually pretty anti-Japanese". What vintage Ducati forum are you going to? Over the past 5 years or so I've spent the majority of my "motorcycle" time around vintage Ducati guys and anti-Japanese bike attitudes are in the vast minority from what I've seen. Most vtinage Ducati guys have a pretty good understanding and/or appreciation of things mechanical. That's a common trait that brought them into the fold to begin with. Anyone with a realistic view of bikes/technology HAS to at the very least respect the Japanese bike industry. The bikes they build now are amazing, and the progress they've made over the years is impressive.

    I choose to ride Italian bikes, but that doesn't make me anti-Japanese. In fact I'd say I see a lot more of the anti-whatever attitude amongst Japanese bike fans than the other way around. And it's typically NOT the vintage crowd. I bought my first Ducati almost 20 years ago now (damn I'm getting old) and can assure you I've heard a lot more Japanese bikes owners ranting about how they hate that "overpriced, piece of crap, unreliable, expensive as hell to maintain, yadda yadda yadda" Ducati than I've heard Ducati riders complain about Japanese bikes. The Ducati rider who is anti-Japanese is likely riding a relatively new bike, and couldn't tell you the first thing about the brand from the years before the 916 came out. Same with the Japanese bike rider now that I think of it. And that rider ragging on Ducs? 99% of the time has zero first hand experience and has no clue what he's talking about. Don't get me wrong, there are a boatload of reasons not to buy/like a Ducati, but these guys don't know them.

    FWIW - I haven't owned a Japanese bike for over ten years, but I still dream of finding that killer deal on an RC30.

    When I was first getting into bikes I wanted Honda Interceptor - the 500cc version. That is until I saw a Ducati F1 racing at Daytona. That was it. I had to have a Ducati. So that's what I bought. I've owned a few Japanese streetbikes, but not for very long. I didn't dislike them, I just didn't like them enough to keep them. I had a 650 Hawk that was a fun bike, especially after the mods I made. But then I bought a 900ss and the Hawk never got ridden. My lust for the Ducati brand comes from the thousands of miles I've put on the dozen or so I've owned, rented, or borrowed over the years. (I still have that first one, along with six of the other seven that I've owned) To say my lust for them comes from something other than experience is just plain wrong... and for every person I meet that wants a Ducati because of how they look in a magazine, I meet ten who want one because of their reaction the first time they saw/heard/felt one go by them. but that's getting off the subject really. Point is, it sounds as if the anti-"jap crap" sentiment is overplayed overseas. I don't see it in the majority of the riders I know. Any of them actually, but then anyone ignorant enough to feel that way likely isn't someone I'd spend much time with anyway.

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    When I turned 15&1/2 years old I got my learners permit here in California USA. That was 1969 and a wild time to have a motorcycle. Since a Honda was what I could afford, thats what I bought.I've had others but now I'm sort of reliveing my childhood. I would whore my sole to any bike I could pick up cheap. Cheap being the operative term, it's a hobby to me so I'll twist wrenches on any of them. The only thing that bothers me is how so many yuppies are suddenly big harley guys, it's cool and all, they even make Harley panties! Go for it,I say!
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    Hey, buy those panties! I own H-D shares (It's the only bit of my investments the ex-wife didn't get). Drive up the stock price, please.
    Many a man who falls in love with a dimple makes the mistake of marrying the whole girl. - Evan Esar

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    ha ha, love the statement under your username
    'old hooligan...

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    buy hd stock?

    surely you jest although I am quite certain that their bottom line will have to improve once they start manufacturing them in communist China

    you do know they've had a plant in South America since 1999 and signed licensing agreements with the largest motorcycle manufacturer in China a couple years back?

    yep, the American Legend

    buy their stocks? I'll pass

    nuke them? where does the line to push the button form?
    Accidental inventor of the worlds fastest wearing rocker arms and other edible engine parts! Try my yummy blue cheese camshafts!

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