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This is a discussion on what i dont get... within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; thats cool. i've found motorcyclists are more likely to give other motorcyclist the shirt of their back. or jacket in this case. i havent had ...

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    thats cool. i've found motorcyclists are more likely to give other motorcyclist the shirt of their back. or jacket in this case. i havent had any other interest where this is more true. if its moving a fridge, fixing the truck or picking me up off the side of the road with my deadbike, anything really, people just dont get it sometimes.

    when i first got the 550 i ran it out of gas n the expressway one afternoon. i barely got the bike off of the shoulder out of the way before some woman stopped and asked if i needed a ride. i mean it was less then 5 mins max. turned out she rides, her old man rides, etc. if i had been in the truck, i would have been sitting there for i dont know how long im sure of it.

    anyway, yeah, first love is british stuff. pre 70 triumph unit twins mostly. but who doesnt dig a norton or bsa single??

    you can keep the american iron for the most part. though i wouldnt turn down a nicely done sportster.

    i used to think choppers were the be all end all. ignorant youth. though i still have a soft spot sport for a stretched ridgid stock fornt end with drag bars 650 bonneville chop.

    so moving to racebikes and cafe styled stuff was a natural progression. these things actually stop, go, and handle in between. plus have that minimal functional look of a chop.

    not a pretty boy honda rider... i\'m fag on a TTR

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    quote:... picking me up off the side of the road with my deadbike...
    This has happened to me too. 2:00am, ran my Bonneville out of gas...
    Guy just getting out of work stopped his truck as I was pushing. While I was talking to him, his co-worker stopped as well. Both H-D guys. First guy gave me a ride to fetch gas (less than a mile away) and the second guy stayed w/my bike so it wouldn't get stolen - almost silly, since this is a very low crime suburb.

    Gotta agree, nobody else but motorcyclists do this sort of thing simply as a matter of course.
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    I have to say my choppers are far more comfortable and capable of covering lots of ground all day long and not at any geriatric pace

    than any of my clip-on and rear-set bikes

    far easier to live with in the real world of street riding too....

    maybe one day I'll find the magic to build a CR bike that I can actually beat for miles on end and not need a chiro after just a couple tanks full have flowed
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