Bugs everywhere!

Bugs everywhere!

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    Bugs everywhere!

    And Karmann Ghias, buses, "things" and a big rollerskate...

    Yesterday I went to the VW show in Pakastala, OH, just up the road from the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum. I was hoping to sell some bug parts that I found in the alley behind my apartment. Turns out they weren't worth a whole lot, but the show was cool anyway. Bugs don't do much for me but the Karmann Ghia is a beautiful car. I drove one for awhile when I went to school in Pittsburgh. I had never owned a stick before and had to learn on those hills, in the middle of winter!
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    VWs are lots of fun. I was heavy into the aircooled scene for 15 years or so before I got burnt out. I still have my bus and buggy stashed away, I'll probably get back into it in another 10 years.

    '68 Bus I built in high school (mid 90's) and drove to college, I'd definitely build it different now. Trophied twice in local shows though. Built a 2028 Type 1 w/ported big valve heads, Engle cam w/1.25s, 40 Dells, 1.5" exhaust in 2006, fastest bus around. That's the exhaust for the gas heater sticking out below the rear bumper.

    It was featured in the readers rides section of VW Trends in '99.

    Manx copy I picked up for $100 in '96.

    Showed at Portland in 2001(?), got beat by a trailer queen that didn't even run. Built a 2016 w/Weber 44IDFs and all the goodies the next year, and a year after that I put in a a close ratio 'box and 48IDAs. Awhile later I parted the engine out, now it sits under a sheet.

    That's my old VW addiction. I'd like to find an old stock ragtop beetle to bomb around. Bikes are cheaper though, and I don't get everyone wanting to hitchhike or giving me peace signs on my Suzook.

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    perth, wa, Australia.
    my sister just recently sold her beetle which was a good little car to burn around in.
    any info on that rolla skate? was it driveable?

    ron thats a nice looking van you got yourself
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    love the roller skate.

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    I went to that high school.
    Those scooter jockeys? Yeah real cycle trash for sure.

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    I got so burned out on bugs from my father (who used to fix and resell them) that I actually prefer corvairs to beetles when I need an aircooled rear engined fix. I wouldn't turn away a nice Ghia vert though.
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    The last Beetle I owned, from 20yrs ago (girl is from 20yrs ago too).
    '61 Beetle with bone stock 1500 motor.

    Also owned a '73 which I bought for $100 in 1987 & drove for almost a year, but I can't seem to find photos of that one. Loved both those cars.

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