1971 CB350 Project Underway!

1971 CB350 Project Underway!

This is a discussion on 1971 CB350 Project Underway! within the NEW MEMBERS READ HERE! forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; Hi all, I'm a software technology consultant from Bolivar Missouri and I have recently purchased my first bike. I used to race BMX semi-professionally and ...

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Thread: 1971 CB350 Project Underway!

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    1971 CB350 Project Underway!

    Hi all,

    I'm a software technology consultant from Bolivar Missouri and I have recently purchased my first bike. I used to race BMX semi-professionally and freestyle as a kid, but nothing with a motor. I've actually been quite averse to motorcycles my whole life after a 4-wheeler accident as a kid, but once I was exposed to the "cafe racer" and vintage bike world, it was over for me. I had to be a part of it. This has resulted in a wonderful journey of trial and error, self discovery that I am way too impatient and need to slow down, and that yes I can actually rebuild a carburetor.

    If you view my profile I have an album created that shows the original (to me) and current state of my CB350 (whom I call Glenda. I name all my vehicles).

    I am working on a lower profile battery pan (a guy I know is a sheetmetal worker and has come and measured what I need), rebuilding/rejetting the carburetors since I'm running K&N pod filters, new petcock, I replaced the old tires, and wouldn't you know it, I got anxious and rode the bike too soon with a poorly mounted license plate that resulted in a VERY crumpled plate when i hit a pothole.

    So I have slowed down. Way down. I want to jet this thing right to account for the modifications, clean the bike from top to bottom and replace anything worn or torn, and just let this beautiful Fall riding weather slip into winter if it means I have a well-performing, safe bike to take out, instead of rushing it and putting myself and others in danger.

    Yes, I have taken the MSF weekend long motorcycle course, and I would recommend it to anyone new to riding or if you just skipped it and learned to ride from your Uncle Ted. Plus it will give you a discount on your insurance.

    Anyway, I am sure I will have a lot of questions if these carbs I just re jetted don't work. Previously the bike would bog down really bad after riding for about 20 minutes. But I attribute that mostly to the fact I found a VERY bad battery cable that was just barely hanging on. We'll test that out once I get my new battery in.

    Okay, rambling introduction. I'm looking forward to conversing with you all about your rides and experiences.

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    I like the way the bike looks in the last colored picture, minus the sissy bar. Fenders come in very handy if you ride in the rain. The front also acts as a fork brace. With out a rear inner fender you are going to have all sorts of road crap thrown up into those pod filters and all over the back of the engine.

    CB350's are a great bike, good for any riding except the interstates.

    When you hit that pothole did you flip over backwards and crumple your plate, or did it just fall off?

    Have fun.

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    I'm with JackC..........I kinda like the look in that photo but I would keep it laced out with the sissy bar........vintage bosozoku.

    Those little CB350s are great little bikes and make nice functional cafe and race bikes when done well. I've seen many nice cafe themed 350s that were all day runners. I've also seen many abortions.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. Good luck to ya.

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    Just stop with the black and white photos. They are not arty, they are not cool, and they are a gigantic pain in the ass to see anything.

    i suspect 75% of your carb problems come from those shitty ass cheap pod filters you put on. Throw them away. Put the stock air it back on, tune the bike, and get it running like band new. What does tune mean? It means:

    - carbs balanced
    - timing checked and set
    - valves adjusted
    - timing chain adjusted
    - cables properly adjusted
    - new filters and fluids

    if you haven't done all these things and are mucking about with jetting you are wasting everyone's time.
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    I want to see a colour photo of the fork oil that comes out of that bike :|

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