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    Quote Originally Posted by bootzie92 View Post
    Anybody know of piston kits for sr250? I have yet to see anything
    What would make it a "kit" or are you looking for a stock size piston bundled with stock rings, wrist pin, top bearing and cir-clips ?
    ... very few OEM parts are offered as a "kit" they are usually offered as individual parts or entire assemblies where noted in the parts manual. Speaking of which do you have a parts and service manual? Better to internet search by part number then by the term "piston kit"

    If you can't locate piston & parts for that exact model, I would look to other Yamaha 250 barrel pistons with the same bore and investigate if they are interchangeable.

    if that's the stock sprocket that is good news for making it easy go faster, assuming your motor has the power to handle a little taller gearing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen J View Post
    You brought it back from the dead and that's a good thing. Don't ya get road snot spitting all over yer battery and pods and back with no rear fender? What about your brake/shifter location given your bar and seat choice? I'd be hunched up like a dog humping a football. My fenders are full length and I'm thinking about adding an extension to keep shit off the bike. Does your front fender do anything? I'm a chain lubeaholic and without a guard it would be everywhere. Do you notice that happening? I didn't know you could run a bike in Canada with the plate on it like that. I thought they were pretty picky. Great roads out that way. I enjoyed riding them last summer. Beautiful scenery. Ride safe.
    Well I guess even with my settings set to receive alerts, I still don't get them...
    Anywhoo, hi.
    It's the stock sprocket, ya. I actually dropped two teeth when I replaced the sprockets and chain this year - it gets much better highway speeds now but hs a tiny bit more lug on take-off. I don't lube heavy - just enough - there is very little splatter because I keep 'er clean eh. I'm also a fair weather rider on this bike with no fenders 'n all so there's no worries of the roostered back. The front fender is only there to make guys ask what it's there for haha. I have remounted the plate horizontal recently after a cop told me it was illegal - no biggie - it looks good either way.
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    Actually, a license plate is the most hideous thing on any motorcycle no matter what you do with it, no it doesn't look good there or anywhere else,
    the side mount plate makes it look like a chopper, it adds unsprung weight in the worst possible spot, does nothing to block road spray which is their best feature, catches more wind which is counter-productive to forward motion, could cut your leg some day and it's location and movement complicate illumination of the license plate as required by law in most civilized countries. (you have none)
    Besides that it looks dumb and it is a heat score as you already discovered.

    The chain guard (also required by law in most civilianized countries) that is on there to protect your chain from shit like rocks coming off your rear tire and hitting it.

    ... btw, your crankcase breather is a formula for failure, once that tiny filter starts to plug due to all the crap that comes out there, your motor will start to have positive pressure where it should have atmospheric pressure and oil is going to get forced into places it shouldn't and you are basically going to have a motor that performs like a car with a plugged PCV valve and it will burn oil until it eventually destroys itself. But hey, you see it on lots of other indoor pipe burn bikes like that so it must be OK.
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