Same kit as here:

Only used. It's clean, but a few fins are bent on the cooler. Includes stainless wrapped oil lines. No t-stat. All hard parts have been polished/recoated.

Been asking $140...will sell now for $80 shipped! (domestic shipping, of course...but international shipping wouldn't be much more) I need some extra funds...if someone wants to make a lower offer I'll hear it but please don't get too carried away.

I don't have pictures of the setup and I won't have access to a camera for a week or so. I could possibly get camera phone pictures, but my phone takes poor pictures. I WILL stand by the piece 100%...if the buyer feels I've mislead them in any way I will break my bones to ensure that the situation is corrected...too many of you know where I live to even consider any other way of doing things.

Need to sell ASAP! PayPal gets the box out TODAY if something comes up by noon...otherwise ships 8am tomorrow morning.

Thanks guys!

I also have an assortment of brake rotors, wheels, a whole '79 GS750 engine, handlebars, forks, and blah blah blah...

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