Not so long story short, I'm a recent college graduate, who, like many others, has no employment and really not much to do except some random jobs on the side. After selling my DR650SE, needed to find a new bike to replace it with and happened to stumble upon a 76' Honda CB750F on craigslist which the previous owner had done quite a bit of work to, but had stopped short of a complete and refined machine.

After many days, I got lucky enough and managed to pick up the bike before someone closer to the seller could (seller had at least 55 people call about it).

The previous owner had stripped the bike down to nothing, powder coated the frame, touched up the engine cases, redid all the suspension front and rear (progressive rear shocks and springs up front), sand blasted the carbs, powder coated the fork lowers/painted the uppers, and installed a host of new parts from bearings and bushings to a new dyna electronic ignition and a host of other upgrades/semi-restoration.

Body work is from BCR and fits beautifully. Problem is, owner had been riding the bike until the fiberglass tank fell victim to ethanol and subsequently started to weep fuel near the front. It also ran like crap when I picked it up, mainly due to plugged up pilot jets and non-oiled pod filters (jetting is off).

Spent a good two weeks or so getting the carbs and pod filters sorted out among other things, and now runs like a top. Makes all the right noises and everything inside the motor seems tight and right. Starter button is missing off the handlebar, but kicks with zero effort (I had a Yamaha YZ250F that was harder to start, no joke).

Right now, working on getting the tank fixed (just shipped to get repaired today!) and on the look out for some finned points/timing covers, or at least OEM parts. Also looking for someway to rig up some rear sets in the future.

Plan to paint the tank ala Norton Manx (black pinstripe with black Honda wing) and maybe add some variant of the Honda wing on the side panels (750 OHC sticker or something of the like).

Hope to get the tank back very soon and then take it for a little heads up match with our families fire breathing Yamaha XS750 (650 with big bore kit/cams/carbs) and see how it can hang.

The previous owner was an engineer and thought the light bar was "dreadful." So, he made his own spot for the low oil pressure and neutral lights.