cafe racer project

cafe racer project

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    cafe racer project

    Ive got a little red suzuki gx 125 (03 plate) and im planning on turning it into a cafe racer and selling on! this is my first attempt at a project like this so just looking for some help on whats the best ways of doing things and any tips on doing he best?? also where is he best places to get parts? already speaking to a company about a stainless steel exhaust just make it that little bit different from the others in the market! also if anyone has any tips on performance that would be great as well.
    i will be getting the bike competely resprayed by a paint shop so colour suggestions are welcome as well thanks!!
    whats best for he wheels alloy or spokes??

    As the project goes along ill post pictures for anyone interested as well. if this project goes well i will be making another one as well so hopefully all goes well.
    thanks alot.

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    Wait, wait.....i will just put some pop corn on for this go!!!! This should be fun...

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    ok, lets see some pics

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    Popcorn's almost done. Can you pass some butter?

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    I'm going with some tortilla chips and a cold Dos Equis Amber (don't laugh, it's actually not bad at all).

    Just for once, it would be interesting if we all just sat back and watched a noob build a bike (for resale!), just to see what happens. What say you?

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    Alright Aaron, are you looking to do a little work, have a little fun bolting on a few things and "flipping" the bike to make as much money as you can? Or do you want to really build a cafe racer and make the mistakes you need on the first one to make the next one right? If you just want to improve the PERCIEVED value for resale purpose the just throw some clubmans on the bike and get some stickers and sell the bike now. If you really want to go fast, sell the bike now and get a bike with more displacement and ride it for a year before you make any changes other than improve the suspension and make the engine dependable. In short, Unless you are a famous bikebuilder who really knows how to get a lot of performance out of this kind of bike... then the bike is worth MORE in it's stock form, or close to it, than after you make any modifications. You will NEVER get the value out of modifications to your bike. Change a bike up if you want to keep it. It's not an investment.

    Any reccomendation on where to get parts from will be detirmined by what you are looking for. Anything that will actually improve the bike will cost money. There are very few real short cuts- despite the fact that I continue to look for them. Most of your questions have been answered here already... many times over. Performing a search for some of the topics you are going to ask will not only give you perspective but may also prevent some indignation that you may expirience over some overly blunt answers. When you do have questions based on the results from the search engine then you form those questions in a way that is best answered.

    Always post pictures if you really want a response.

    Cool! ---RIP

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