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Thread: kz440 parts bin superbike wannabe

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    Got the bike back together, and the clutch slipping is gone. Unfortunately the crankshaft seal for the points housing gave up the ghost and is leaking heavily when warmed up. Waiting for a new one to pop in any day now.

    On a better note, I managed to fall into an r5/rd400 project for $300.

    71 R5 frame, tank, and seat
    78 Rd400 motor and wheels

    Motor spins freely and seems to have decent compression. I don't have much history on it, but it has Mulholland shocks that look runnable, and everything looks to be in better shape than I usually end up with. This seems like a better project to dump money into for performance than the kz, so I'm going to hold off on any big upgrades for a while. Didn't get a chance to take any pics, and it will probably be a month or two before I even bring it back to my place to get started.

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    Just got back from a weekend ride through some of the best roads the Ozarks have to offer. The bike ran amazing. Between the clutch working properly, and the jetting being spot on, I couldn't be more happy with how the 440 ran. I even pulled off a massive wheelie just messing around. This bike wants to run. It wants to rev. Just about everyone that rode along was pleasantly surprised by how much the bike has improved since our big ride in early June. Night and day. I only snapped a few pics, and this doesn't have a couple of the other bikes that rode along with us.

    Here's a video of one of the roads hwy 123. It's not my video, but one of my favorite stretches there is. About the 2 minute mark to 4 is a blast with low speed corners. Larger bikes struggle to climb it or even go down. It's hard to describe unless you are there though. In all honestly there isn't that many boring roads in that area. It's basically one big racetrack in the mountains.

    The current to do list for now is just to continue to get the little things taken care of.

    The front master cylinder is just not doing it for me. Off or on, but not enough lever feel. I am going to probably get an 11mm master cylinder and use the current 13mm for my tt500 project that has a much larger caliper size. I am also going to get new pads up front, and a stainless brake line.

    I replaced the countershaft seal and crank seal in the points side cover, but apparently I still have one little leak dripping from the stator side cover. The allen heads are super snug, but still just not enough. I'll probably crack that side open soon and seal things up.

    I also need to work on fitting the chain guard I got by welding a mount or two, or getting the one that fits this swingarm properly. There are a few different ones with different mounting locations, and I guess the one I need is specific to the 78-79 or so year range of the 400. The one I have is from a 75 or 76 if I remember correctly.

    Paint. The bike needs paint. As much as I love the rainbow look, it's time to give the bike some curb appeal. To do that means I need to finish my seat pan and get the seat upholstered properly. This bike now definitely deserves to look as good as it runs. I'll probably try and find some other side covers to get painted though. Mine are cracked, and my epoxy fixes didn't hold well. Finding some in good condition that won't cost a brazillion dollars will be difficult though. In the meantime, I have some satin navy blue spray paint to get things looking okay from 10 feet away. I'll probably be painting the center of the wheels black, leaving just the lip as is.

    As for the rd400, I will probably pick that up this weekend. It's going to be set aside for a month or two though while I figure out what the hell I'm going to do with it. I'll post up a build thread when I get something worthy to put up.

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    Found some decent Mullholland shocks that are in good shape as well as a nice seat recently. Still figuring out paint, but for now I just sprayed everything silver metal flake.

    Here's what I'm thinking for final paint.

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    I like it just like it is. All it needs is a few trashy retro stickers to cover the tank emblem holes.

    Name:  KAWA $_35.jpg
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    Danger, is my business.

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