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Kz440 LTD Cafe Racer Build (first bike project)

This is a discussion on Kz440 LTD Cafe Racer Build (first bike project) within the Project Builds forums, part of the Forums category; Originally Posted by mbrook65 Firstly , I'm sorry to hear you've been having a rough time in your life. I'm happy for you that working ...

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Thread: Kz440 LTD Cafe Racer Build (first bike project)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbrook65 View Post
    Firstly , I'm sorry to hear you've been having a rough time in your life. I'm happy for you that working on motorcycles helps you find peace of mind.
    I really don't like anything at all about your bike, but that is in itself irrelevant . I do think it's great that you did something.
    I too am a newbie on this forum. I too have lurked for a while. I spent a month reading and reading (starting with "newbs read this first". A couple of months ago I joined and other than posting a thank you to geeto for posting something that was really helpful to me , this is my first post.
    I am 50, have had a few bikes in my life starting at 14 with an NSU quickly special which I rode around the woods till I wrecked it. I have tinkered both through necessity and because I love too. I have had a Vespa 50, bsa b40 couple of rd400s xs650 and a few others. I currently have an 82 Goldwing I am getting to a reliable roadworthy condition and a vtx 1300 "chopper". Neither of these bikes are relevant on this forum and I only mention them to say where I am and where I am not. If I want help with my Goldwing I will go to a Goldwing forum. But only then if I can't find what I need in my workshop manual or on my googeler.
    I have wanted to have an older performance bike for a while (Wes Cooley gs1000 leaves me half hard) and since I have sat in the corner eavesdropping on this forum my chances of getting the wrong bike for me get less every day.
    Before the Internet it was hard to get help and information and involved hanging out , getting drunk and taking all kinds of abuse for your naivety . But you learned what you needed to learn.
    This place is no different from hanging out in someone's garage.
    If you enjoy working on bikes and you want your bike to be better at what it is, then this is the place to hang out. If you want praise and smoke blowing up your arse then it really isn't. It's very sincere here. When people are told to fuck off, I believe it is with the upmost sincerity. When people are mocked or criticized or offered advice or opinion, then , as in an average garage full of guys, the response of that person will let everyone know who they are and why they are here.
    My sincere advice is to not give a fuck about what you or your bike look like when you're cruising around. Don't be a hipster ( they ruin everything they touch)
    Don't build something you can't ride.
    Work a plan to get a bike that's worth having. Listen and read .
    And have fun.
    I'll fuck off now.
    I love this guy. Your here the same reason I'm here.

    Your 1300 and your Wing might not be "cafe beef cakes" but there's plenty of info right here. Ironically I have only 1 cafe bike...76 CB750 and I haven't started that since 2013 and I hang out here more than other places. I have many other bikes of all genres and conditions........including some Wings and I'm here just like most are here because we love motorcycles. We love classic motorcycles. We love the motorcycles we use to hate. We love to improve our machines and that's a universal language............and is not limited to just superbike or cafe's anything. It's cars, motorcycle trailers, waverunners......anything. If it can be improved where all in. You'll be surprised how much information is here and it's not cafe bikes only.
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    I don't have any cafe bikes either. I only have race bikes, some of which I can put lights on and ride on the street.
    WERA 119
    CCS 119
    CRA 119
    AHRMA not anymore
    \"Think twice before you speak, and then you may be able to say something more insulting than if you spoke right out at once.\"
    Evan Esar
    Newbies, Geeto and Tex (Bye Tex)hate me!!

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    Looks like a brat bike to me. Contrary to the haters and pretentious purists, this style of bike is super popular right now. Yeah, it's not a performance machine, it's not ergonomically dialed in, it's not to "spec" on a lot of levels, but it's got the look that a lot of people find desirable these days. I see what you were shooting for and I kinda dig it Corey. Even with some of the issues, it looks way better than the stock bike you started with. Keep tweaking on it till you get it dialed in and ride the shit out of it. Props for getting out in the garage and doing something.

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    I'm going to peek out of my lurking hiding spot now that my barely noticeable wounds are all better from my first noob posting, and say hats off to Corey for sticking around. I learned a lot and when I'm ready to put my bike back together, I'll take the good information you offer and do the right thing. A month ago, I thought it would be 'cool' to put my 130hp 955 triple in a 70s frame and gee... it would look so awesome and I'd still get the lovely howl I care so much about. Visiting you here I understand the engineers who made my bike did what they did for good reasons. When I come back, it will be for guidance to insure I'm not diminishing any of their hard work, while I make some aesthetic changes in lieu of the damaged body work, etc.

    Corey - I hope to see you here as your work evolves - These blunt a-holes offer an impressive amount of help, if we can take the valuable and let the harsh (deserved?) criticisms roll off.

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    I guess looks are subjective - I think it looks like a steaming turd, really.

    I guess that's from a function perspective though - everything you've done to this bike has made it function worse that stock, not better. When I see bikes built chasing a "look" it makes me throw up a bit in my mouth.

    I mean, I'm glad you got out to the shed and built something, but you've pretty much just copied a bunch of bad ideas from Pipeburn, etc. There's not much original / functional thought that's gone into it.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is if you're going to just copy something, copy something that is good and works well.

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    Here's something you should have copied:

    Yeah - I know it's a 400 and not the LTD variant but it's kinda hard to find any pics on Google of decent looking 440's. They all look like.......the top picture.

    Same with this:

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