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Thread: Chopper

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    That distributor is a Model A distributor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geeto67 View Post
    run it, Roto Faze is an old school hot rod ignition company, they used to make dist for model A's and hopped up studes and stuff.
    what he said. it's a chopper, none of this shit needs to be overly practical. but it'll look cool as fuck and you'll be the only one with one and that's the point is it not.

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    Back to tarting up the frame - pretty sure I've read somewhere you can PC over JB Weld.

    marc01 would know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hillsy View Post
    Back to tarting up the frame - pretty sure I've read somewhere you can PC over JB Weld.

    marc01 would know.
    I've only heard that is for little stuff like filling pits and crap, not big sections.

    You don't want to powdercoat the frame. if for whatever reason the molding cracks and then cracks the powdercoat (and that is very likley), you have to re do the entire thing. It's better to sand and scuff the existing finish, knock down the areas that are cracking and need re-doing, and then shooting flake and candy over it. Even if it does crack and you can't touch up the candy, you can still do things like fades over the top that you can't do with powder.

    I still say make it run first. There are lots of things on that bike that need re-eval and redoing (like the wiring) that you might want to take a different approach on. for instance, I never liked that some of the wires run inside lower frame rails with zip ties where they are still visible, and some of the wires that run through the frame do so without gromets at the entry and exit holes. I also didn't like that the fake oil tank/electics box was open at the bottom, and honestly if I were going to mod something it would have been to add louvers to that because the flat metal sheet, even chromed, looked boring.

    you and I talked yesterday about this - don't do mag wheels. Clean up the wheels you have and keep the spokes. If you want to go disc then I have a 75 cbF disc brake hub you can have to lace to a drop center 16" harley rim, just pick it up next time you are in NY.

    while we are talking about it, One thing I always wanted to do was get rid of the hill holder mini-drum and go to a proper disc brake front. When I had the bike only one company made disc brake setups for those narrow jammer/paughco style springers - GMA - and the kits were like $500. Now they are about $350-$380 and there are a couple of guys like fabricator kevin, Paughco, and TC bros that make similar setups. I don't know what wheel you have to use with it but you'll figure it out.
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    Fuck that front drum, because the brake stay is not able to be installed correctly.

    Im not a fan of discs on this type of bike.
    If it was not certain death, I would run a spool up front.

    The roto phase is a Model A dizzy.
    Cool piece, but never looked into getting rebuilt parts for it.

    Honestly I just can never seem to muster more then 2 days every 6-9 months to even think about working on the bike.
    It is rather strange. I very much love the look, and think it would be fun as the third bike.....and I know if I saw a semi local CL add for it I would fall over my dick to go buy it.
    But now that it is sitting on my bench.......meh.
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