About 2 months ago I picked up my first bike. When I got it, it was kinda hacked together, it had a Harley rear fender, a Harley brake lever (the bars are 7/8" and the Harley handle was a 1", so P/O used duct tape and some scrap steel to make it fit, but it would move around and it just felt terrible) The frame was already chopped, and it has drag bars, and a hacked off exhaust. But when I saw it I knew I had to have it, so I made the hour and a half drive to go pick her up. When I got there, tires were flat, battery was shot, seat was all sorts of torn up, the inside of the tank was rusty as all get out, forks were dry and seals were gonzo, but I saw potential in it. So far I haven't done too much to her, new set of fork seals, new handles, new grips, painted tank, new rear fender, dropped front fender about 1.25", cleaned the tank, wrapped the exhaust, added a headlight and taillight, news seat with new seat brackets, new plugs, fixed all the wiring (fixed being used loosely, but it runs perfect for now until I have time to build a new harness)Name:  IMG_3513.JPG
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I have a set of some real cafe bars showing up next week, a set of lights that will be frenched into the frame in the rear for taillights, seat is going to be reupholstered with tan leather that I'm going to hand tool, the tank will be getting some more paint, tank will also be modified to have some knee inserts so its a little more comfy, considering the clip on whitewall inserts, and a 4-1 MAC exhaust to wake it up a little more. Carbs have been synced, rejetted, and got some new foam pods (not in the pictures unfortunately) I'll update this thread as often as I change the bike, which has been very often lately. I know this build isn't everyone's cup of tea, or even all that cafe style bike, but it's closer to cafe than it is bobber or brat. I'm open for input and recommendations for what else to do