1983 V45 Sabre Cafe Racer

1983 V45 Sabre Cafe Racer

This is a discussion on 1983 V45 Sabre Cafe Racer within the Project Builds forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; Hello everybody, I started building a cafe racer out of a 1983 Honda VF750S (v45 Sabre) a few weeks ago. I would love to hear ...

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Thread: 1983 V45 Sabre Cafe Racer

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    1982-83 V45 Sabre Cafe Racer

    Hello everybody,
    I started building a cafe racer out of a 1983 Honda VF750S (v45 Sabre) a few weeks ago. I would love to hear opinions on the progress. It is my first bike build so bare with me as I still have lots to learn.

    Here is one of the designs for the final result i came up with:

    Name:  design.jpg
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    Also since pictures kind of don't show the ... full picture ... i started taping my work as well. Check it out:
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    Get out your fireproof suit.

    You're about to be flamed!
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    You have quite a project there. If it was mine, I would strip off everything, and throw it all away, except the bare frame, wheels, and engine. Good luck!

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    Thats more or less what i did. The tank is actually in decent salvage-able condition, so i'll keep that as well.
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    there is a guy here who did a sabre, look for his build thread and study it because what you have "rendered" is garbage. Granted it's pretty garbage, but garbage none the less.

    It's pretty ballsy and slightly overconfident to entitle your video series "how to build a cafe racer" when it is quite clear you are new to this and don't really know what you are doing.
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    This is how you do it right, but it takes a lot of work
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    yea it should be titled "how to build a cafe racer?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by alwhite00 View Post
    Fuck all of you guys. Get into your little circle jerk and have fun. Thought this may be a pretty cool message board but damn, you guys are assholes.

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    For some reason I skipped through your video and then took a quick look at the second one. Amongst other things, that broken crank case combined with the fact that odds are it needs cams and followers (for starters) means you are wasting money. By all means play with it a learn, but it would be unwise to spend any more money on it. Take it apart... see how it ticks (or why it ticks too loud) and then deposit the entire thing here in the CR.net archives of "How to build a Cafe Racer".

    Name:  Dumpster 2.jpg
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    I like the optimism all of you have. Also glad that people caught on to the double meaning behind the titles. For those of you that watched the clips, its pretty clear from the content that the true purpose is to learn. The descriptions on the channel, playlist, and each video also do say so.

    As for doing a Sabre the right way i am aware of the HackAWeek build. Have actually watched all the videos in that series. There is also these builds that I draw inspiration from:

    By Shaka Garage in Italy:
    Name:  f2505eeed8b6728059b33a0c20b4e100.jpg
Views: 802
Size:  142.1 KB

    By Lucky Customs in Argentina:
    Name:  delightful-new-honda-vf750-cafe-racer-by-lucky-custom-bikebrewers-near-me-portraits.jpg
Views: 1113
Size:  106.3 KB

    By K-Speed in Thailand:
    Name:  23_03_2017_K_Speed_Honda_VF750S_Sabre_Racer_Fuckstone_Thailand_Pipeburn_cafe_racer_02.jpg
Views: 960
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    I appreciate the heads up @Cyorg, i am well aware that the state of the engine may call for pulling the plug on the build due to cost. For now i remain optimistic as to the condition of the internals, and will carry on disassembling, cleaning, and rebuilding it.

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    i watched the video with the sound down, so i have no idea what you said. but it strikes me that, while you have a beard, you don't have any tatts and that may be an issue cred wise.

    i see you didn't remove the tank, and i imagine, having googled "v45 sabre frame" and seen what they look like top rail wise, that once you do pull the tank your idea of fitting some other old tank will fall apart due to the frame design. most newbies don't consider this point at all it seems, and it is the problem with any of the early 80's frames that moved away from the trad design. how you're going to make the tank fit seems to me to be the thing that you will struggle with the most. unless you have the capacity to make a new tank or at least the bottom to fit your preferred top.

    i did find this one, original tank? looks ok in that regard, albeit burdened with all the other typical hipster dipshit crap.

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