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This is a discussion on 1980 Honda CB750F Cafe Build within the Project Builds forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; Originally Posted by tjurek51 Any recommendations for a performance high flow oil pump? Right now my plan is to use a 900F oil pump If ...

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Thread: 1980 Honda CB750F Cafe Build

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjurek51 View Post
    Any recommendations for a performance high flow oil pump? Right now my plan is to use a 900F oil pump
    If you feel like spending money this company in japan offers an upgraded pump: https://japan.webike.net/products/21151771.html

    otherwise, it looks like 900F pump is your only option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geeto67 View Post
    Length of passageway has an effect on flow rate - when you make passage ways longer you increase pressure needed.

    the DOHC bikes are wet sump, not dry sump, so they don't respond to an increase in volume like the dry sump on a SOHC would (which offsets the extra length). The sump doesn't know there is an extra quart in the system, it just knows it has to pump against increased resistance of the added length of pipe.

    IIRC too the oil cooler isn't just an extension on an existing passage like most of the oil filter based adapter kits for SOHC 750s, it is a separate loop that runs off the pump and into the sump:

    (page 12) http://www.kabalis.com/SuperMagna/CB900-Manual/Honda_1980_thru_82_CB900F_Service_Manual_Chapter_2 5_81_900F_Addendum.pdf

    Os it's not like adding an extension to an existing system so much as it is adding a new second oil circuit. The 750F pump can't keep up with the demands of pumping 2 circuits.
    Not that it matters as far as the OP is concerned...... I have to confess that was an incredibly stupid way of expressing what was rattling around in my head, because yes the cooler and lines add resistance....was also thinking the 750 pump was set up in a similar fashion to the 900. However.... although the 900 has a better setup, I still wonder about the real risk of adding a cooler using the 750 pump. They make the coolers for DOHC 750 that connect to the oil filter boss Y/N? 750 F had their issues, but don’t recall any issues with oil supply. 750 Nighthawk yes, but that was an aeration thing.
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    well, things are finally starting to progress. Decided to purchase the Kibblewhite Diamond SS valves to go with...well, everything else I've purchased for this project. took one look inside at the valve guides and realized how outmatched I was in dealing with something like this, so thanks to Ryan at Side Street Engines, I now have a professionally prepared cylinder head. behold.
    Name:  Cylinder Head.jpg
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    Should be getting the new engine blocks and top crank case back next week. from there, I'll begin working on the frame mods finalizations.
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    Project deep pockets continues

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    the frame modifications I have in mind (the Tony Foal influenced mods) are hopefully starting soon. to make it happen, I put the empty engine back into the frame, and kept the wheels on. the plan is to assemble everything, get it running, etc. THEN, when it's ready, make it pretty. unlike the incorrect order of things I followed on the 900 project. also, since I'm installing big bore pistons, I needed a highly skilled machining company to accomplish the necessary borings. CV Tech out of Canada provided these services.

    Name:  Frame_Mod_Prep.jpg
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Size:  84.6 KBName:  Frame_Mod_Prep_leftside.jpg
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Size:  136.1 KBName:  Frame_Mod_Prep_side.jpg
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    I would like to request some advice and/or examples of frame mods to support the racing seat I am planning to use. Here's what it looks like;

    Name:  cb750_seat_unfinished.jpg
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    I know it doesn't quite look right today. what i'm asking you all for are examples of what modifications to the seat area of the frame to; a) support this seat in it's proper position; and b) to also have an under-seat battery/electrical box so I can keep the center area open.

    also, I have Tarozzi rearsets and mounting plates, but can't find any good, up close examples of how they're installed. anyone have any pictures for these i'd also like to hear from you.

    as always, any input you all have is appreciated.
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    Seat looks way too tall, can you section it to get a better profile? Easiest thing to do would be sit on it and get someone to take a profile picture, should give you a better idea of how it looks and feels. As for Tarozzi's, there are tons of pictures of them fitted, including close up. If I remember right, the web site showsfittings on a stand, makes it easier to see where things go. They are very adjustable, setting up may take some time
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    thinking I need to carve out the area around the top of the shocks so it slides down and sits flush to the frame. hard to see as the original framing is still there and throws this off. i think if i can lower the seat to a flush position and put my Ohlins on, which are 1" longer than the stock suspension, the optics will be better. I'll check the web site for Tarozzi again, but their examples for this kind of bike is a bit limited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazypj View Post
    Seat looks way too tall, can you section it to get a better profile? ....
    Agree! Please follow those body lines from the tank.... just waking up to a busy ass day, but needed to quickly comp something to give you another perspective....

    By far the shittiest photoshop job, but if 1min of my time helps you, then it helps all of us. Keep us posted.

    Name:  option_seat.jpg
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    When you talk about lines and stuff you totally lose me, I'm a function over form kinda rider :| and for me either of those saddles would force me too far forward on the bike, which would make it less functional. Motorcycles that have a seat/tail like that would also have a longer fuel tank.
    or you are way tiny then me and ride weird.

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