My CB360T Project (Lots of pics)

My CB360T Project (Lots of pics)

This is a discussion on My CB360T Project (Lots of pics) within the Project Builds forums, part of the Forums category; Well Ive posted a few times on here but figured I now have enough pictures and progress to start a project thread. Actually Im a ...

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    My CB360T Project (Lots of pics)

    Well Ive posted a few times on here but figured I now have enough pictures and progress to start a project thread. Actually Im a bit late, but o well.

    The bike is a 75 Honda Cb360T. I scored it on January 16, 2008 for $100, but that about all it was worth to start with, it was pretty far gone. But hey, thats what I was after, a cheap project to learn on, as this is my first motorcycle. Heres how it looked when i brought it home. Not real great pics, but you get the point. It wasnt pretty...

    The next day I started the break down...

    What resulted...

    Next I sandblasted the frame as best I could, and for kicks, applied the Rust Converter to the rust that was left. It came clost to getting out of hand. Haha

    After unsuccesful stabs at freeing the engine up, I decided to tear into it to see what was up. And I found out.

    That might just be the problem eh?

    So at that point I started looking at my rebuild options. Within a week or 2, I ran across another Georgian who had a CB360T engine for sale for $50. Checked out great, so problem solved.

    Flashing forward a bit without pictures, the frame and etc was painted low gloss black, and the wheels were sandblasted and painted high gloss black, and I put on the new tires and tubes. What great fun that was. [B)] The wheels then underwent a touchup/repaint. [] Then in went the new wheel bearings.

    Then the fun started, piecing it all back together. In goes the engine (slightly cleaned up), on goes the front end, with new steering bearings, the rear end, with new brake shoes, sprockets, chain, new lowering springs, and etc, cleaning and painting pieces along the way.

    I treated the tank with Kleen Strip brand Prep & Etch on the inside, removing the horrible rust, which turned out like new. I then gave it to a friend of mine who does body work, who smoothed the tank of its dings and emblems and got it in primer.

    Then went on the flat black topcoat on the tank.
    I also started thinking about my plans for the seat. I knew i didnt want that god awful stocker, and didnt see many options out there to purchase. So I decided to make my own, and Im glad i did. This was only my second time working with fiberglass, but it turned out great, just how i wanted, and super strong. Oh yeah and somewhere along the line the back end of my frame fell off.

    Seat mold...

    Seat mold covered in duct tape...



    After the top layer dried and i peeled it from the cardboard and foam mold, i layered the underside which really strengthened it alot. In total i think it ended up being somwhere around 6 or 7 layers, using mostly weave and a little matte.

    How the bike sits now with the seat sanded and trimmed a bit, and with the newly wrapped headers on for giggles.

    I should have my rebuilt carbs back sometime next week, and hopefully ill be ready to fire her up when the come. Ive got to put the wiring mess back on, drill and run the wires through the cafe bars, run cables, figure out a light/plate setup for the rear, and purchase and install some guages.

    Im really happy with how its turning out so far. More to come soon.

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    , , .
    great hustle/pace. don't know your height but that seat set-up looks a bit tight both in the horizontal and vertical measurements. i (6') would be needing more set back and height to be comfortable putting on the miles. since it's your first bike, i'm guessing you'll cover a lot of ground with your new toy...make it fit you as well as possible. great to see a down and (almost ) up in two hat's off to you.
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    Thanks for the kind word.

    I hear you on the seat. I checked it a few times before glassing it, and still afterward it fits me fine. Im about 5'9", and it fits me pretty comfortably, snug, but its made for ME. Granted that may very well change as my riding position may change, but i think it will be alright. If not, I know how to do it now.

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    Just finished mounting the seat. I drilled and tapped the previous battery box and fuse box mounting points to fit my fastener, and it fits great and isnt going no where.

    I love me some good progress.

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    I have to say I'm really impressed with this being your first bike, I've had my first project for about a month now and not much as happen with it lol, but the bike looks great, good job

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    The bike looks fantastic! Nice work. So what kind of background do you have? With that quality of work in so quick a time, you can't be a novice. If you are a novice, quit your day job and go into bike building!

    Cheers, Graham
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    Actually, believe it or not Im 18 and my only background is the vehicles ive had since i was about 14. Theyve all started as junkers, so i had to do my research and learn to fix each one, from body work, to engine work and full builds, to stereo equipment, and even a full air suspension. lol I homschooled from the 8th grade on, working all that time for my parents. So i guess you can say i (and internet forums like this one) have taught me all i know. My dad tinkers with old cars and has a bike of his own too and has shown me alot, but hes a Harley guy. []

    I actually never really was into bikes and never thought Id have one, until one day i got an itch and as you can see im still scratchin.

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    Nice job. I like your seat. Getting ready to try my hand at fiberglass, and do a seat for my cb350.

    Cb360 is a fun bike. Overshadowed by the cb350. Here's mine:

    If you haven't yet, you should check this out. Nice cb360 project, and very well worth the (long) read:

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    What do you think of the kelan strip rust converter? I've seen it before, but never bothered with it. I may give it a try on my 450 project.

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    Judey, nice bike! Yeah i read through that thread a couple of times, that guy is crazy talented and has way too many tools at his disposal. lol But he does so awesome work. That thread was a big inspiration for me as far as building the 360, since many dont it seems. And as you see i "borrowed" his seat idea. Shhh! haha

    sbhockey - The rust converter worked pretty good for me, but i didnt use it on anything major, it was just surface/light rust that sandblasting didnt get rid of. (If i wouldve spent the time i wouldnt have had to, but sandblasting is pretty much torture with only a pair of clear glasses. haha

    Next to the same product in the auto parts store they also had Klean Strip Rust Remover, which would probably be better for more extensive rust issues. But i have learned if you can remove the part, and its no too big, soak it in Klean Strip Prep & Etch, which you can get at Home Depot or the like, and it will remove ALL the rust only leaving the good bare metal. I tried it on my tank (inside) and have been reusing it for many, many other parts, bolts etc. Just a tid bit.

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