The latest 450

The latest 450

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Thread: The latest 450

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    The latest 450

    So I got this K4 back in October... bought it in Connecticut from these really interesting people (the way I understood it, they were horse-and-buggy types that ignored that bit because they like antique cars). Here's a pic from when I'm picking it up...

    It's a K4 in decent condition... carbs are clogged and leaky, battery's dead, chain's rusted, but it's an altogether decent bike. I'm living in Boston at the time, so I can't do a thing with it until spring.

    Moved back to Madison a couple months ago and it just became spring, so I've been busy with some wrenches and a grinder. Here's the result.

    The only things I got specifically for this bike are the headlight mounts and new chain - everything else I already had laying around. Snorkelfork hates my gaiters but I think they're fuckin wicked (and they cost me four bucks from JC Whitney). Headers are Hooker, mufflers are emgo. You'll notice the headers are nicely roasted - that's a couple years old now, a story I'll tell you about over beers sometime. A preview: it involves a spectacular bit of stupidity and me riding down the road with headers glowing like a fucking cattle brand. Too bad I don't have pictures. So, headers are getting wrapped.

    Stacks are ebay stuff, jetted up to 150 today and we'll see how that does but I might be doing some jet drilling as 150's the biggest I've got on me and I'm kind of impatient.

    You can kind of see the battery assembly just under the seat. It's running on a 12v 6AH SLA - not big enough to turn the starter (which I'll be lobbing off sometime soon when I get the motivation) but enough to run it just fine. Used the sidecover tabs to hold up the supports for it.

    Seat's going to stay as it is (though it's got a small tear I need to repair). Maybe I'm alone in this, but I kind of think the 70s bench seats were awesome.

    Front fender is... I don't remember, maybe a CL350? Something like that. Had to grind on the brake side bracket b/c it interfered with the caliper mounts, but it was worth the effort I think.

    What's left - need to shorten some cables... maybe mount a tach (though I haven't decided on a graceful way to do it yet). Wrap the headers. Polish some things. Oh, and remount the front rubber, some idiot mounted it backwards and I feel kind of spooked in the rain. And maybe figure out a way to quiet these pipes down some - packing? Not sure yet.

    There it is, that's why I've been quiet lately.


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    cool looking. like it. i have a friend who grew up in madison. (if you mean connecticut). hes about 45 or 20 now.


    not a pretty boy honda rider... i\'m fag on a TTR

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    where did you pick those headers up??

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    Very Nice!!! Love the pipes.

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    Almost a shame to touch that bike, it looked like it was close to pristine. However, the project looks nice.

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    Very nice! You don't see people keepin those seats too often. I'll be keeping mine too. What is that tank off of? I really like it.
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    that's a Bomber tank.

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    Thanks for the encouragement. For what it's worth, all my modifications are to non-stock parts - this bike will actually eventually be returned to stock when I finish the monoshock conversion on my other frame.

    Meanwhile, anyone know where I can get fairly large main jets for my CV carbs? Currently running 150's, and even that seems to be a little on the lean side.

    Spent yesterday evening repacking my mufflers (emgo muffler packing is a joke) and wrapping my headers. It's noticeably quieter, probably in the legal range now. I have serious doubts about any advertised performance gains from wrapping headers, but that wasn't the mission I was on.

    Oh, and I pulled the velo stacks. It ran fine with them, but I felt as though the mesh was tight enough to keep out rocks and bugs but little else. I could've poured sand through them. So, back to some K&Ns (and yeah, they are oiled, my filter oil just happens to be green).

    Here's the latest pic.

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