cb 160 build questions .

cb 160 build questions .

This is a discussion on cb 160 build questions . within the Project Builds forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; hay guy long time reader first time poster. so i bought a cb160 project bike for my first go at a build and have a ...

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    cb 160 build questions .

    hay guy long time reader first time poster.
    so i bought a cb160 project bike for my first go at a build and have a few questions. i think i should have the motor cleaned up and then rebuild it with all new parts. i dont know what would still be good and what i should replace.
    i was also wondering where the best place to get good inexpensive parts would be. should i find and rebuild a set of stock carbs or buy some new race carbs?
    any tips or links to builds you have seen around would help out alot.
    thanks for all the help you can give..


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    All of your questions can be answered by checking out Group W Racing's website (http://www.groupwracing.com/), signing on to the yahoo group's F160 message board (http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/F-160/), and checking out Michael Bateman's site (http://www.batemanracing.com/), he's also a member here.

    What is the condition of the bike? Does the motor kick over? If so, just see what you can do to fire it up (i.e. fresh oil, battery, plugs, new cables, etc. -- by the way, a good deal of parts can still be found for a reasonable price on ebay, search CB160 or CB93; CB125 or CB92 and pre-1970 CB175 or CB96 also share a lot of parts with the 160). There will be plenty of time to split the cases later.

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    KENNY!!you gotta TCB ASAP!i've been told to get it running.Google Vintage Honda thers a dealer in Ohio that most likely has some stuff in stock, if not they should be able to direct you in the right direction. Start with the basics fuel air spark.
    I like yer style Dude...

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