It's rainy out and cold so I decided to finally update and post up my other projects finally. I picked this up last summer from the local honda dealership for maybe a little too much but it was clean, all original and only 3000 on the clock. I orignally intended to start road racing this year but with the way things are in the economy and my Volvo always needing repair my racing career will have to wait but the build won't.
The day I picked her up from Mike's Honda in Menasha Wi.

Then I picked up two major things to start off the build. A set of Rick Perrault 31mm clipons. Pricey but wow, these are nice.

Then I picked up some Motobits rearsets specifically for the CB/CL175's. Once again, very nice units and another part I didn't really want to buy but I knew if I didn't buy then then I wouldn't ever.

My only issue with them is the brake pedal feels really light and airie if that makes any sense. Not really and resistance but most likely I don't have them adjust correctly. They still stop fine but just alot of play until brake catches.
I was messing around on it yesterday as I finally got the controls figured out as the wiring ran internally. So I had to cut some notching in the housings for the wiring to come out of and then I jacked the headlight from the Bridgestone and headlight bracket from the CM400 and cut those to fit just to get it on the road for the time being. I just need a battery and this week I'll be picking up a seat from Tanner so that'll be set and she'll be road ready besides figuring out the choke issue I made a thread about in the tech section.