1968 Triumph TR25W

1968 Triumph TR25W

This is a discussion on 1968 Triumph TR25W within the Project Builds forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; Been lurking for a long time, but have never registered so I figured what better time than now. Current project is a 1968 Triumph TR25W ...

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    1968 Triumph TR25W

    Been lurking for a long time, but have never registered so I figured what better time than now. Current project is a 1968 Triumph TR25W 250 Trophy. Just picked this one up the other day. It has seen better days, but it does turn over. Not much was stock on it when I bought it, so more reason to change it to suit me instead of restore it. Just starting on this one. Pics below are of what it looked like the day I picked it up. It is currently stripped completely to the frame looking for someone to blast and powdercoat locally. Things that are definitely going include gas tank and headlight among others. Looking to make into a minimalistic bike as it never came with turn signals and will remain that way. Clipons, rearsets, slightly different exhaust and a different seat might be in the future once I can decide on what I actually want. Who knows though, I change my mind so quickly. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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    I'm thinkin it wants to be a streettracker.

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    Looks like a good starting point.

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    I guess when you rebuild it you'll put the forks and wheel in the right way. That brake stay looks really dodgy in compression
    Get a Starfire tank, after all, its really a BSA with Triumph badges.
    Don't know if you could find any CCM parts for it? (they did a 250 for a short time)
    This is US model, British ones had much lower bars

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    250 trophies and B25s tend to be REALLY fucking slow . However pretty cool bikes . They make great trail and trials bikes . Or even a nice tracker . Whatever you do to it wll be 10x better than what its previous owners have done to the poor thing .
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    website for the b50 & b25:

    and here's a beauty, again a b25:

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    BSA parts seem to be a lot more available as well. I can also use some Triumph cub parts as well since this was supposed to replace it. The reason why it is so friggin slow is that it is so friggin heavy. For a 250, it is tipping the scale at almost 350 lbs dry. I swear on all these older Triumphs if it seemed light, they added enough paint on them to make them heavy. Everything is going to be changed a little bit. Just going to change it into a little scoot for around town. A lot more show than go, obviously.

    If you think that brake stay is dodgy, you should have seen the wiring harness and amazingly enough this bike runs and was being ridden on the streets just last year.

    Thanks for that website. I have been looking around for either a triumph or a BSA one that was a little closer to this bike, but was unable to find one. Need some parts I am unable to find so might be able to get them there. I will keep you all posted on its transformation.

    As a side note, does anyone know of a good place to get Whitworth fasteners? I need a few and was hoping someone knew of a good place to get them that had a pretty large selection.

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    Another British thumper... super.

    There are quite a few places to get almost every part for Triumphs or BSAs. I think the best is British Cycle Supply. They have a website at www.britcycle.com. These guys are not the cheapest, but they might be the best. They not only sell the parts, they know what they are, and how to fit them. They support Vintage racing as well.

    If you need something you just can't find, PM me. I might have one lying around.

    Good luck.

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    Walridge motors is also an excellent place to find parts for this bike. A close friend of mine just rebuilt his '68 TR25W and man does it ever look sharp. Prices are actually a bit better that Britcycle. I'll post some pics soon. I just found this site today, I'm more of a JJer myself but I'm digging this site. Too many hobbies and not enough cake to be visiting this too often.

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    Is it my imagination or has the frame head been raked? Seat looks like its from a Honda 350.

    It is fun to look back at what we thought was cool in the 70's. Like wanna be choppers, bell bottoms and long sideburns.....

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