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Thread: Page layout problems

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    Looks normal again!
    I like my shocks like I like my carryout. Cheap and Chinese.

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    Better. but still no pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WERA689 View Post
    It was the migration of the site from VS's in-house servers to Google Cloud. Each of my sites that has been migrated have had something or another break....from image uploads and the like button to a few other odd, random things. This site is only one of a couple that have had the skin break. This morning, I tried to sneak in an upgrade to the ticket that certainly exists already....not sure it'll help, but I did try. I agree, the site is pretty difficult to use as it stands, but it IS do-able.


    Thanks Neil.

    Figures that Google had something to do with the problems.......
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    .... same thing with furniture, it doesn't have to be straight or not wobble, or keep thing from rolling off it, or not collapse when sat upon, it's personal taste man... if I want a dining room set that endangers the life of my dinner party guests, then it doesn't need second hand approval

    My GS550 Build Thread

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    Thanks to Alan in tech support for his exceptional--and unscheduled--work to restore this site. Very much appreciated by all, I'm sure. :thumbup:


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    Yaaa Alan
    ... and the peasants rejoice
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    Quote Originally Posted by woodsman View Post
    'Tis fucked.
    Twas Fucked for a fortnight. Much ado about nothing as now it appears all is in order, t'which I am chuffed. Now I can av a butchers. Cheers.
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    Layout and images should be restored.

    Jeff M
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