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    New buy

    Hey guys,

    Just signed up to the forum, and just bought my first old bike on Saturday. I bought a 1972 cb350 non-running that I plan to cafe out...

    I think I want to get her running before I start stripping her down, just to see her breath. I did a compression test on purchase, both cylinders held good at 115 to 120. I had read that 100 is bare minimum and 150 is max? There was quite a bit of arguing over this actually, but more people seemed to lean towards these numbers.

    First things first, I just purchased a Clymer repair manual and that's on it's way. The inside of the gas tank was also rusty, so I have the Yamaha ACC-FUELT-CD-KT and 00 on it's way to chemically clean that nasty thing out.

    On my carbs, should I even try to repair these with a kit, or should I just go ahead and order the Mikuni 30MM's? I've read some bad stuff about the stock carbs and this things been sitting for probably 15 years or more. Also, is this a good buy?

    I haven't found any other place that comes with so much in a kit like this.

    Other than new battery, oil, plugs, and wires, what else do you guys recommend just to bring this old girl alive? I'm not planning on riding her, ok maybe a short little ride, I only want to hear her run before I strip her to the frame to start the cafe job. That being said, I don't want to spend a "ton"... hahahaha... on getting her running before I start the project.

    Thanks all ride safe!!!!!

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    Stock compression on these motors is 170PSI and according to the Honda shop maual they need to be rebuilt at anything under 150PSI...

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    The people at Dime City Cycles do seem pretty reliable, I've ordered a few things from them and they have shipped quickly.
    However, there are problems that arise when buying carb kits for the 350; For one thing, any aftermarmet air filters are going to give you some fitment issues. They tend to interfere with the battery box and that curved bit of frame behind the motor. If you plan on relocating the battery this is less of an issue.

    Another thing is the 2 into 1 cable. If you plan on using clip-ons or clubmans (and yes clubmans are FINE for a small Honda twin), then chances are that you're going to want a shortened throttle cable, and your best bet is to order it through MotionPro.

    And then there's the issue of the "pre-jetted carb"...pre-jetted with what? Again, the Dime City guys do seem to be straight shooters, so maybe you can call them and ask about that, see what they say.

    All in all, you are probably better off buying all the components seperately. I found a set of Mikuni 30mm at for a fair price but it took more than a month to ship, as they were back ordered. Jets are available everywhere, use the search function on here to research what works best.

    Another thing: find a set of carb boots in good shape (no cracks or rotted rubber). Stock boots will work just fine for a set of 30mm, you just have to soften them up a little in boiling water or wintergreen oil. You can get boots from Sudco but they don't have the offset angle that will help your filters to clear the frame.

    Sounds like you're going about it the right way, kudos for getting a Clymer manual. If you can get ahold of a Honda shop manual as well, even better. Battery, plugs and oil will get you going. Next things to think about are tires, shocks and wheel bearings.

    best of luck.

    Oh, and no "ton" jokes, please. We don't rock like that.

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    I would get it running with the stock carbs first. Hopefully the previous owner drained them or ran them dry.

    If the carbs are somewhat clean, personally I would change the oil, put in a new Battery, hit the points with a file or emery cloth, fill up the float bowls and see if it will start.

    Do you know if the bike was put away running, or did it die and the owner stuck it in a corner? If it was put away running I bet it will start right up. They usually do.

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