CL175 Tech Questions

CL175 Tech Questions

This is a discussion on CL175 Tech Questions within the Technical forums, part of the Forums category; So I have two questions ('71 CL175): 1) How hard is it to put a CB500 or 550 front end on a CL175? What needs ...

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    CL175 Tech Questions

    So I have two questions ('71 CL175):

    1) How hard is it to put a CB500 or 550 front end on a CL175? What needs to be done to do the conversion?

    2) I read somewhere that some people were putting CB200 clynders/heads etc on a CL175 - has anyone heard of this or done this? Any suggestions?

    Thanks!!! :-)

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    Give Will Jones at Poor Bastard Cycle Works a call. 503-535-9999 He's been there, done that and is building some of the fastest CB160's-175's at the moment.
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    Not sure about the CL175, but cb500 and a CB550 triple will bolt right up on a CL350.
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    I put 350 forks on my 160 and all I had to do was press the spindle out of the 160 triple, weld up the end radially to make it larger, turn it to size in the lathe and press it into the 350 triple + make up a spacer sleeve for the top clamp at the spindle. If I did it again I would just turn up a spacer for the bottom too.

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    Fit Cb200 forks for better damping and less weight.

    200 head fits but is just teh same as a 175 with more fin area. Same ports but bigger squish band around teh combustion chamber. Best guides and seals of all the 160/175/200 series.

    Barrels are taller and require the use of taller CB200 pistons and they have larger piston pins, so you need a 200 crank which also has longer rods IIRC. Problem is that 200 crank has a different spline to all other 160/175 motors so it needs its own primary drive which of course is different to 175s as well. Can be done but a fair amount of work. If you go that far take a look at CB77 (305) 60mm pistons - same dimensions but larger bore.

    There are other ways to get the capacity. We used a 200 head and welded it up to get a bathtub shape and then had a pair of pistons specially machined to match that head, threw in a good cam and a pair of 26mm Mikunis - way too large but they work fine. Add 2 into 1 exhaust and good to go. Of course teh transmission isn't designed to deal with teh extra power, so get a few spares at swap meets.

    JB was the 175 guy here that tried more stuff that we did I think.

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