hondaman ignition or pamco ignition

hondaman ignition or pamco ignition

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    hondaman ignition or pamco ignition

    Quick question, if i was in the market for new ignition systems, what would the best buy be, theoretically speaking, the pamco ignition or the honda man? the reason its theoretically is because all of you old guys will tell me to quit being a ass and keep the points. i understand how the pamco works somewhat and read a bit about the hondaman( although i dont quite understand transistorized ignitions, although it seems to "amplify the spark") bike is a cb360 by the way. forgot to state i cannot afford to drop a shit ton on a boretech, reason being its a cb360.
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    You would have to keep the points with the Hondaman transistor pack, so that's something to think about. Seems like you get a better deal with the pamco. Solid state electronics, ZERO maintenance, more efficient, etc.

    About $80 for the Hondaman pack that forces you to keep the points.


    $100 for fully electronic, solid state pamco ignition(retains the advance mechanism, which is nice).

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    As opposed to a dyna S?

    Read the Hondaman posts and you will understand why you are "forced" to keep the points. The points act as the trigger and do not ware the same as they do stock
    I think that the Hondaman ignition actually improves the way that the ignition works and improves performance.
    The Pamco is for people that fear points for what ever reason
    The guy from pamco has some strange falling out on the SOHC board, not 100% sure what happened, but it turned me off to him and his products.
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    Howdy.I dont post in here often but your question caught my eye..i run the Hondaman ignition box on my CB360...the bike has quite a bit of modification to it and i just returned from running it repeatedly at the BUB Speedtrials out on the Bonneville salt flats..i installed that box two years ago,took the bike to Bonneville and ran it,missed the race last year but just got back from last weeks race..i made 4 full throttle passes running top speed for almost two miles..rung its little neck i did..
    The box worked flawlessly,the points show no wear whatsoever,i do have some Dyna coils on mine but they work fine with the Hondaman box.
    I know my opinion isnt worth much but i highly recommend the Hondaman from my own experience with it and also that Mark Paris(who makes the box) is a super guy to work with and very very helpful.

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    While taking the current load off the points will reduce or eleminate pitting due to arcing, the main wear area on that item is the rubbing block. They will erode and if the points are timing the spark you will have to adust their gaps when they do. Because that wear is not even you will often have to "split the difference" between the two sets of points on a twin to get your timing in the ball park.

    PAMCO's hall effect approach avoids that. It really is a set-it and forget-it deal.

    Although I was/am a regular at the Garage board mentioned I wasn't active when that spat was going on so I don't have an opinion on the personality issues.

    I've run the PAMCO on two motors over the last few years and will attest to its reliability and ease of installation.

    I would prefer something fired off the crank rather than the cam, but until some such product comes along that is cost effective I'll probably stick with the PAMCO.

    BTW I have a new, in the box, Boyer for the XS if anybody is in the market.


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