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Restoring rubber?

This is a discussion on Restoring rubber? within the Technical forums, part of the Forums category; Originally Posted by crazypj I've tried most things to soften up intake boots/air box connectors over the years, sometimes just boiling parts in water with ...

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Thread: Restoring rubber?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazypj View Post
    I've tried most things to soften up intake boots/air box connectors over the years, sometimes just boiling parts in water with a little detergent may work as some of the chemicals absorbed into the pieces may 'come out' and change structure
    I've done this to get one more use out of otherwise petrified airbox to carb boots. Just drop them in boiling water until they are pliable again, doesn't take long, maybe a minute. You can keep the hot water in a large pyrex measuring cup at the workbench to cut down on travel time. The boots will come out nicely pliable and you should be able to get them stretched out and installed before they cool down again. I've used a pipe spreader on them while hot to get a more permanent result but they will get petrified again. Work fast, don't scald yourself.
    At some point you're gonna need new ones.

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    I've used a heat gun on XJ carb boots with good success. Put the carbs and airbox on, then heat each individual boot and squish it into place. Welding gloves are handy here.

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    303 aerospace protectant. 303 aerospace protectant

    In what ever size container you want. If you have an Outdoor Store around (like REI) you can find it there. I have soaked old stiff ropes in the stuff and they have become pliant and useable again. It acts as sunscrene for plastics without damaging the material it means to protect. You can even drink the stuff, it's that mild.

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    Most likely if your intake rubbers are harden they will have air leak cracks in them - I'd recommend just replacing them. If your trying to recondition the rubbers on the intake side of the carbs (between the airbox and carb, I've had good luck with soaking them in armor all to soften them up a little. You can use a small coffee can with a cover, put the rubber items in the can and spray the crap out of them. Close the lid and shake them up a little and leave it covered for a day or so. Pull the rubber items out and wipe them down before putting them back into service.
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    Sorta like reusing a condom
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